RadhaKrishn 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sudama Is Annoyed


RadhaKrishn 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Uma/Parvathi asks Radha what will she do with Sudama’s given outstanding rice. Radha says let us cook it as whoever will eat it will be fortunate. Uma asks Radha to cook it at that point. Radha says Uma ought to likewise collect some punya and requests that her cook it. Uma begins cooking rice. Radha comes back to her room. Rukmini strolls to her and says she needs to eat Sudama’s rice. Radha says as of now Uma is cooking that rice. Rukmini says Krishna and she are 2 bodies and one soul, so she will likewise feel happy with a couple of grains of rice like Krishna. Radha says one needs to comprehend the accomplice totally, on the off chance that one grins or cries other should feel same and what one does other should feel same, at exactly that point they will be one. She proceeds with her good gyaan. Rukmini doesn’t trust her.

Sudama masterminds foods grown from the ground for Mahashivratri pooja and reveals to Krishna that organized more than what is vital. Bholenath/Mahadev strolls in and says its exceptionally less as Mahadev appreciates nourishment just once per year and needs significantly more. Sudama says even Ganesh can fulfill his yearning with this nourishment. Bholenath says Ganesh will complete this in one chomp. Sudama says he is talking as though he himself is Mahadev and reproves Ganesh day by day. Bholenath says he reproves Ganesh once in a while when he does underhandedness. Sudama requests that he go as he needn’t bother with his recommendation. Krishna through clairvoyance discloses to Mahadev that he is pulling trick on him. Mahadev says he is simply displaying him gurudakshina. Sudama furiously asks again to leave. He leaves grinning.

Radha serves Sudama’s cooked rice to Rukmini and thinking when Krishna had just this, even she ought to have just rice. She asks Rukmini to impart some rice to her. Rukmini says she is eating just this and can’t share, so she can have other nourishment. Radha inquires as to whether she can take just 5 grains at that point. Rukmini concurs and asks by what method will she fulfill her craving with only 5 grains. Radha eats 5 grains and says she is full. Rukmini says she is talking like Krishna. Radha expresses gratitude toward Krishna for causing her to fulfill her appetite with only 5 grains. Krishna on the opposite side says the two of them are one and their spirit is one, so they feel same.

Around evening time, Rukmini feels hungry and goes to kitchen to have nourishment. Bholenath enters and inquires as to whether she is ravenous much subsequent to having Sudama’s rice. Rukmini says yes and solicitations him not to enlighten anybody regarding it. Bholenath guarantees and thinks she needs to understand the genuine affection of Radha and Krishna. Toward the beginning of the day, Krishna takes nourishment to Rukmini’s room and says she should be eager, so he brought nourishment for her. She inquires as to whether Bholenath let him know as he saw her in kitchen the previous evening. Krishna says he didn’t. Their conversation proceeds..

Precap: Sudama grumbles Rukmini that Bholenath provoked that his course of action is little. Rukmini says let us demonstrate him that no one can organize superior to him. Bholenath’s supporters enter and finish entire nourishment.


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