RadhaKrishn 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna, Sudama’s Reunion


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Watchman stops Sudama asks who is he and where is he going. Sudama says doesn’t have a clue what number of gatekeepers will stop him, he is Krishna’s companion and came to meet him. Watchman says he is lying and until Krishna himself says, he won’t let Sudama in. Krishna educates Ugrasen and others that he as an uncommon declaration to be made and takes them towards entryway. Sudama says he himself will call Krishna and calls Krishna. Watchman hauls him away when Krishna reaches and halting gatekeeper says Sudama is his closest companion. He sincerely runs towards Sudama and embracing him reports that Sudhama is his closest companion and can go anyplace in Dwarka. Balram asks Sudama how is he. Sudama says upbeat seeing Krishna. Ugrasen this is the best guide to welcome companion.

Krishna takes Sudama to his imperial court and causes him to sit on his position of authority. Sudama gets enthusiastic and says he caused a poor man to sit on illustrious position of authority. Krishna says he is causing his companion to sit on position of royalty. Sudama says a pompous man with his significant other had went with him and as far as possible offended Krishna, so she didn’t let him meet Krishna. Krishna asks how might he say that. Mahadev rests under a tree and Parvathi offers him natural products. Krishna by means of clairvoyance apologizes him and says messing with his companion exploded backward.

Krishna at that point washes Sudama’s feet. Rukmini seeing that understands her error and apologizes Sudama for getting rowdy with him. Sudama says its not her slip-up. Krishna approaches Sudama what did he bring for him. Sudama reluctantly shows bunch of rice. Krishna declares Sudama as Mahashivratri’s maha pandit. Sudama says now he can blessing him something great and requests to return rice. Krishna says this rice is priceless to him and he will have this rice today. Rukmini goes to kitchen and illuminates Radha that Krishna’s companion Sudama has come, so she came to get ready chappan bhog/feast for him. Radha says she met Sudama as of now and realizes Krishna likes to serve his companion a chappan bhog, so she previously began setting it up. Rukmini says Krishna reported Sudama as maha pandit. She gives Sudama’s carried rice to Radha. Radha says Krishna will have just this rice.

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Precap: Radha offers rice to Rukmini and says Krishna will esteem this than chappan bhog. Rukmini serves chappan bhog to Krishna, Krishna takes Sudama’s rice.


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