RadhaKrishn 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sudama Arrives At Dwarka


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Rukmini orders servants to enhance stay with blossoms as maha pandit is wanting Mahashivratri pooja, brahmin’s appearance will make Dwarka prosperous. Radha works redressing her hair tress over and again. Krishhna watching her thinks she has not figured out how to fix her tresses yet. Rukmini strolls to him and says Balram told a mahapandit is wanting Mahashivratri pooja, so she is enriching room and making courses of action for a dining experience. Krishna says mahapandit is exceptionally straightforward, so she ought to organize a basic nourishment. Rukmini says she is anxious to meet such a maha pandit and says she heard there is a major belpatra tree in Dwarka, she herself will get leaves for Mahashivratri pooja. Krishna says that is acceptable. Radha thinks Krishna needs to make this Mahashivratri pooja extraordinary so that even Mahadev and Parvathi get enticed to go to it. Rukmini

Sudhama awakens Mahadev in mask and asks how might he rest entire night as opposed to looking Dwarka, what is his name. Mahadev says his name is Bholenath and his significant other’s name is Uma and he caught wind of Dwarka’s Mahashivratri feast, so he is going there to appreciate feast just because. Sudhama says that implies he doesn’t currently where Dwarka is. Mahadev says no. Sudhama says he is Krishna’s companion and will get passage into Dwarka, in what capacity will they enter. Mahadev solicitations to take them along. Sudama concurs. They reach close Dwarka. Sudama says his companion manufactured such a wonderful city. Mahadev says where is the way to enter Dwarka. Krishna hearing that says Mahadev is playing trick with his companion. Mahadev contacts ground and making way discloses to Sudama that his companion is peculiar and his city is additionally unusual.

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They reach close to entryway. Gatekeeper stops them. Sudama says he is Krishna’s companion and Bholenath and Uma are with him. Watchman says such a poor broke man can’t be Krishna’s companion. Radha cruises by. Sudama calls her. Radha recognizes him and inquires as to whether he is the exceptional individual Krishna has welcomed, Krishna will be glad to meet him. Watchman asks by what means can this poor man be exceptional individual. Radha says individual’s worth ought to be made a decision by his tendency and information and not looks, on Mahashivratri Mahadev visits individuals in mask, so will he shoo away even Mahadev. She asks Sudama to meet Krishna while she meets him later. Rukmini strolls in straightaway and asks protect who is this poor man. Gatekeeper says this man says he is Krishna’s companion and even Radha said same. Rukmini says it can’t be, she will proceed to check with Krishna. Watchman stops Sudama once more. Krishna asks Mahadev to get his companion in. Mahadev mesmerizes gatekeeper, and watchman welcomes Sudama in. Mahadev says even he will meet Krishna. Sudama says he won’t let him meet Krishna.

Precap: Guards prevent Sudama from meeting Krishna and hauls him out, he calls Krishna. Krishna runs towards him.


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