RadhaKrishn 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Profound Thoughts


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Sudhama tells his significant other that this time he will be picked as Mahashivrati’s pandit and will get heaps of basic food item and cash. Spouse says he is telling this since numerous years. Sudhama says this time he is certain and asks Mahadev. In Kailash, Parvati discloses to Mahadev that Sudhama is imploring Mahadev since years, when will his trial end. Mahadev says not long after mahashivratri and his good Krishna will do it. Gowri says she needs to visit Krishna’s mahashivratri festivities. In Dwarka, Balram enthusiastically says he will enliven entire Dwarka and will circulate bhasma to all fans. Krishna says he ought to design Dwarka with rose. Rukmini strolls in and says Mahashivratri is wedding festivity of Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding, so they should utilize marigold blossoms. Balram asks marigold? Rukmini gives her thinking, and Krisha says as his better half wishes. Rukmini gets glad hearing that and says she will remember her marital promises with Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding.

Radha envisions Krishna’s bansuri sound and appreciates it with shut eyes. Balram strolls to her and asks what’s going on with she. She says she was hearing Krishna’s bansuri sound. He asks where. She says in her heart. Balram thinks Krishna and Radha’s romantic tale is one of a kind. He demands her to plan feast for mahashivratri festivities. Rukmini enters and welcomes Radha for Krishna’s mahashivratri pooja. Radha says she previously told that she will have a basic existence, so she can’t go to lord’s pooja and can go to cooks and hirelings’ pooja. Rukmini says she was anxious to see her going to Shiv and Parvathi’s wedding as she didn’t go to her and Krishna’s wedding. Radha says mahashivratri isn’t tied in with wedding, it is about rejoin 2 spirits and their affection. Rukmini says marriage is the predetermination of adoration. Radha says love needn’t bother with any fate and its association of spirits. Rukmini says she can’t get her and leaves.

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Sudhama gets back and illuminates his better half that even this year he wasn’t picked as mahashivratri’s pandit. Spouse says in the event that he can’t ask before Krishna, he should look for work. Sudhama says he will look for work from Krishna as she says and says he will meet Krishna after numerous years, so he needs a present for Krishna. Spouse gives him a bunch of rice put something aside for most noticeably awful day. He leaves with rice pocket to meet Krishna and figures in what manner will he discover Dwarka. Krishna hearing that says his good Mahadev will help Sudhama reach Dwarka. Parvathi discloses to Mahadev that Krishna found a route finally. They mask as youthful couple and meeting Sudhama state they are looking Dwarka and on the off chance that he is additionally going there, they together can look through it. They at long last reach Dwarka entryway. Sudha thinks his companion assembled such an entrancing city.

Precap: Guards prevent Sudhama from entering Dwarka and drag him away. He calls Krishna. Krishna runs towards him.



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