RadhaKrishn 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna Fulfills Rukmini’s Wish


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Radha squirms miserably because of mouth sores. Rukmini takes Vaidya/specialist to her and asks vaidya to check her injuries. Vaidya checks mouth and says her sores have compounded and she wouldn’t have dozed entire night. Radha says yes. Rukmini figures how might it occur, even Krishna couldn’t rest entire night. Vaidya gives Radha medication and requests that her devour it soon. Radha devours prescription and asks Rukmini to come back to Krishna soon aas Krishna musut have satisfied her desire. Krishna strolls limping with sores on his feet and burrowing ground gets sweet potato according to Rukmini’s desire. Rukmini says sh will go to sanctuary straightforwardly. Radha says if Krishna has guaranteed, he will satisfy her desire without a doubt. Rukmini strolls way saying she will go to sanctuary. Radha thinks Rukmini still needs to comprehend Krishna a great deal.

Rukmini arrives at sanctuary and figures its morning and Krishna didn’t bring her sweet potato yet, it implies she is still a long ways behind. After pooja, Balram inquires as to whether Krishna didn’t bring her sweet potatoes. Rukmini unfortunately sits and attempts to devour prasad when Krishna enters and says he brought sweet potato for her even washed and cut them into pieces with the goal that any other person shouldn’t contact them. Rukmini gets upbeat hearing that and seeing his draining feet gets stressed, figures by what means can Radha realize Krishna so well.

Balram strolls to Radha and discloses to her that he asked Devimaa for her and offers her prasad to break her quick. Radha expresses gratitude toward him for prasad, yet she will eat just Krishna’s sent natural product prasad.

Vaidya checks Krishna’s feet sores and gives him drug to apply on them. Rukmini applies drug while Krishna squirms miserably. Balram returns and asks what befell him. Rukmini says Krishna went to wilderness to bring her sweet patato and got injuries on his feet. Krishna says its alright as satisfaction or misery won’t remain until the end of time. Radha expends prescription and feels her sores have mended. Krishna sores likewise recuperate drastically. Rukmini is stunned to see that and asks how could it occur. Krishna says when she applies prescription with so much love, injuries should blur clearly; requests that her proceed to check if Radha is fine. Rukmini injuries. Balram asks Krishna how could it occur. Krishna says he comprehends what occurred. Balram says when Radha brought about sores, even he did.

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Rukmini strolls to Radha and inquires as to whether she is fine. Radha says yes her sores mended. Rukmini flabbergasted says here Radha’s sores mended and there Krishna’s injuries recuperated. Radha inquires as to whether she educated Krishna about her sores. Rukmini says yes. Radha sad says she shouldn’t have educated Krishna as Krishna can sympathize with her agony and he got a handle on her torment. Rukmini astounded more asks how might it occur. Radha says it is conceivable as she holds Krishna feet in her heart. Rukmini says Radha perhaps Krishna’s companion, however Krishna satisfied Rukmini’s desire and demonstrated howmuch he cherishes her.

Krishna plays out Mahadev’s pooja. Ugrasen reports Mahashivrati pooja. Balram says as Shivji’s greatest supporter, he will make all the courses of action. Krishna says they should drive Mahadev and Parvathi to rise by their pooja, figures an uncommon visitor will come soon. Sudhama asks Mahadev to clear his issues. His better half recommends him to meet his companion Krishna and look for money related assistance as Krishna has made brilliant city. Sudhama concurs.

Precap: Sudhama comes to meet Krishna.


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