Phagun Bou 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update : Mahul Is Dejected


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In the most recent scene of Phagun Bou, Anurup claims to be guiltless before Roddur. Roddur doesn’t need Mohul to perform in capacities to acquire cash. Anurup incites Roddur and says such shows request numerous things that probably won’t go well with their notoriety. He attempts to demonstrate how he is attempting to spare Mohul from a world, which isn’t alright for her. Mohul, then again, attempts to demonstrate that Anurup is lying. Roddur doesn’t trust her and supports Anurup.

In the interim, a couple of individuals land at Ghosh living arrangement. They needed to welcome Mohul and Roddur to their show as a visitor entertainer and congratulate them as well. Aniruddha shares that Roddur isn’t keeping admirably and probably won’t have the option to perform. The show coordinators, who aren’t mindful of Roddur’s wellbeing condition, demand Aniruddha to give them a chance to talk with Roddur.

Barshan stresses whether Roddur would have the option to perform, while Nilanjana recommends examining the issue with him (Roddur). Malabika and Sonali were additionally present in the room. Sonali is upset to find out about Mohul’s felicitation.

Aniruddha, feels humiliated the way Sonali shares her sentiment before the visitors. He asks Barshan to advise Roddur.

Mohul plans to leave the house. Aniruddha asks where she is going. When Mohul shares she is going to class, Sonali and Nilanjana start scrutinizing her for not educating anybody before leaving.

In the mean time, Roddur comes there.

At Nilanjan’s place, Tultuli accuses him of having an extra-conjugal illicit relationship with Tuki. Nilanjan feels offended. Tulituli shares that she knows about the gathering Nilanjan is facilitating. She tells, the gathering isn’t for official workers. Or maybe, Nilanjan needs to observe Tuki’s birthday. Nilanjan shares he needed to welcome Tultuli as well. The last volunteers to come yet difficulties that Tuki won’t go to party on the off chance that she (Tultuli) goes there.

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