Phagun Bou 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mili’s Strange Demand


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In the most recent scene of Phagun Bou, Roddur reviews every one of the minutes went through with Mohul as he signs the separation appeal. Afterward, he pens down his feelings in a journal.

When he is seen lost in his musings, Mili comes. She makes reference to about taking her new conceived infant to the specialist. Roddur gets stressed and enquires over the infant’s wellbeing. Mili illuminates him about the important inoculation which the infant must take. She likewise reminds Roddur how it is his obligation to deal with the infant following his guarantee.

She gets some information about sanctioning the appropriation. She additionally reminds him how she pulled back the case dependent on his guarantee to receive the infant. Roddur feels powerless and clarifies how the legitimate system will take some time.

Mili, then again, fears that Roddur’s family may impact his choices in regards to appropriation. During their discussion, Mili understands that Roddur is vexed because of his conjugal friction. Roddur communicates the amount he adores Mohul.

Mili, who was available when Roddur’s in-laws went to their place, asks whether he would really go to the wedding. Roddur and his family think Mohul is getting hitched. Roddur says that he can do everything to make Mohul glad.

In the interim, Mohul’s sister gives her a letter. Mohul gets cheerful holding the letter sent by Roddur. The minute Mohul discovers that Bidhumukhi, Bibi and her grandpa went to Roddur’s place, she blows up. She fears whether it would decline the circumstance further.

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Mohul gets stunned seeing the legal documents the minute she opens the envelope sent by Roddur.


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