Patiala Babes 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie Punishes Kewal


Patiala Babes 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Neha and Arya get apprehensive seeing Kewal strolling towards them. Minnie opens entryway and Arya slips. Minnie holds her and inquires as to why they are strained. Minnie sees Kewal in front and strolls towards him. Arya stops her and argues not to go there. Minnie says there is nothing to stress and strolls to Kewal. Kewal inquires as to whether she is fine at this point. Arya holes up behind Minnie. Kewal inquires as to whether she had any work with head madam. Vinita slaps him. He yells who is she, modest lady. Minnie turns his finger and cautions him to set out not call any lady modest and on the off chance that she had discovered him outside, she would have broken his bones and gave him over to police, cautions him to set out not get out of hand with any young lady, and leaves with Arya, Neha, and Vinita. Kewal signals Arya and Neha that he will complete them.

Around evening time, Minnie orders pizza for her and Arya giving a protracted decision. Pizza shows up. Neil strolls to them. She says sisters are commending their first triumph and requests that he join. He says they ought to appreciate as he previously completed his supper. Minnie thinks back Veer’s passionate words that he needs to be a piece of their lives and bolster them generally, Minnie reproving him, and so on. Arya inquires as to whether she got dismal. Minie says she is grinning.

Next morning, Minnie does tulsi pooja and thinks back Babita’s words. Milkman calls Neil to purchase milk and seeing Minnie asks what is she doing here. She says its her home. He says she came to pick Neil that day and now took him home. She cautions him to mind his business. He requests to purchase milk. She says she needn’t bother with. Neil strolls straightaway. He demands Neil to purchase milk. Minnie says she doesn’t care for greasy milk and gets bundle milk. He says bundle milk is undesirable and fat is useful for developing kids. Minnie dismisses more than once and he over and over demands with his passionate talk. Neil purchases milk at long last and says he is an enthusiastic man. Minnie requests that Rani change parcel milk with crisp greasy milk for Arya from hereon. Neil grins.

Arya prepares for school and requests that Rani give her water hues. Rani says she won’t as Arya spoilt her entire uniform last time. Minnie demands. Rani concurs. Minnie then educates Arya distinction between great touch and terrible touch, in the event that somebody spoils their head or face is a decent touch, yet somebody contacts different parts is awful touch, just Rani or she can contact her and no one can contact her, on the off chance that somebody does she ought to illuminate her promptly and not stow away. Arya says like Neha escaped her mom. Minnie says if Neha’s mom had think about it before, she would have whined against Kewal. Arya says she is daring. Minnie says even she is fearless. Minnie wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer and she leaves for school.

Precap: Kewal grabs Arya. Rani illuminates Minnie that Arya didn’t return in school van. Minnie says she should be in school itself.


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