Patiala Babes 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Minnie Brings Neil Home


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Prateek’s companion demands Minnie to apologize and attempts to slap her. Neil holds his hand and cautions him to apologize her. Kid stands up to. Minnie rebuffs kid and requests him to clean his spit on floor. He opposes, yet she doesn’t leave him. He is sorry and leaves saying he will deliver retribution and breaking his kinship with Prateek. Prateek leaves irately finishing gathering. Neil grins watching Minnie’s challenging demonstration and asks Geeta to document a protest. Geeta over telephone educates Lala that she is carrying a young lady to document an objection and leaves with the young lady. Khurshid discloses to Minnie that he will drop her and Arya home. Minnie says its alright, she will oversee. Neil says he will drop them home. Khurshid asks Neil to turn off lights by 1:30 a.m. according to police rules and lock the entryway. Neil concurs. Khurshid leaves.

Minnie feels dismal that she lost inn’s exposure because of her moronic demonstration. Neil says what she did was correct and even he would have done same, so she need not stress. Land age calls her and illuminates that since she didn’t affirm or pick his call, proprietor offered space to another person and he can’t support now. Minnie educates same to Neil who yells where will he stay now. She says he is male and can oversee. He yells he can’t remain out under open sky with mosquitoes. Their contention proceeds. Amyra gets upset and awakens inquiring as to for what reason are they battling and what happened to party. Minnie gets Arya occupied in her discussions. Neil keeps battling and requests that her discover a room at any expense. She considers inn and books a room, yet Neil yells he won’t remain in a lodging and will remain in Minnie’s café lodge. Minnie says it is illicit to remain in a business spot and she can’t chance her café. Arya yells to stop their battle as she has an answer.

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Minnie gets back and opening fundamental entryway chastens Arya that her thought was immature. Arya says its an ideal thought and calls Neil. Neil strolls in with his possessions on truck. Minnie exhaust more and their contention proceeds. Neil asks where will he rest. Arya says he can rest on couch. Neil says he can’t fit on couch, by what means will he rest. Minnie says he can cut his legs. Their contention begins once more. Arya proposes something. Neil gets apprehensive and says he will rest on couch. Arya recommends Minie that they will let him rest in a room today. Neil thinks what are these sisters talking about. Minnie hauls him to bed and says he will rest her. Neil opposes, however takes off his shoes. Arya says pick up the pace as she needs to go to her room and giggles seeing Neil’s dark sock in one foot and white in another.

Precap: Puiru illuminates Laala that a cheat has burst in, the two of them waste Neil. Neil says he is Patiala Babes café’s head gourmet expert.


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