Patiala Babes 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Fear


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Dadaji keeps talking with Neil and asks what is his dada’s name and what is his town name. Minnie acts the hero and says let him go to café. Neil says she is correct. Dadaji says for what reason is he running. Rani illuminates Minnie that Arya wouldn’t like to go to class, so she ought to proceed to persuade her. Minnie asks Dadaji to let Neil go as they will bring about misfortunes if culinary expert goes late to eatery. Dadaji discloses to Neil that his accomplished eyes can see he isn’t what he resembles, in the event that he keeps Minnie upbeat, he will be cheerful, yet on the off chance that he inconveniences her, he won’t extra Neil.

Minnie strolls into Arya’s room and inquires as to why she isn’t prepared for school yet. Arya says she wouldn’t like to go to class. Minnie demands what is the issue, however Arya sits quietly. NB checks Arya and says she got fever and let her rest today. She takes Minnie out and says Arya is fine, however she fears something in the wake of coming back from emergency clinic. Minnie thinks back Arya demanding to converse with her, getting apprehensive when Neil quiets down, and so forth. NB says she needs to discover what is troubling little Arya. Minnie comes back to Arya’s room and seeing her resting figures what must trouble her. She checks Arya’s sketch book and finds a beast attracted it. Entryway ringer rings. Arya awakens woried and demands Minnie not to open entryway. Minnie asks reason. Arya says there perhaps a hoodlum. Minnie says for what reason would cheat come at his time, strolls down and opens entryway. School peon presents himself as Kewal and says head madam sent her bundle and letter. Minnie gives him access. He look Arya and asks where is she, he didn’t see her in school today. Minnie says she is resting. He says he got confections for her and requests to call her, however not advise who came. Rani goes to call Arya. Minnie asks since when he is in school as he was not there during her time. He says since 3 years.

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Rani commandingly brings Arya while Arya stands up to. She takes cover behind Rani in dread. Kewal offers her confections, yet she attempts to cover up in dread. Kewal attempts to give her confections powerfully. Arya runs and holes up behind Minnie. Minnie says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why she is acting odd. Kewal says he brought confections for kids and asks Arya to recover soon and come back to class soon. Before escaping entryway, he takes a gander at Arya and leaves. Minnie sees Arya’s dread.

Precap: Minnie asks Arya to courageously determine what happened that day. Arya says kewal uncle takes children to washroom and rebuffs them.


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