Paramavatar Shri Krishna 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update – Krishna Explains Knowledge Of Gita To Sapta Rishi’s.


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The scene begins with rishi durvasa tastes kheer and brings to Krishna where he was scrubbing down and he advises Krishna to have this amrut so krishna reveals to him this is kheer and not amrut then rishi discloses to him this has become amrut now by my taste so Krishna applies all the kheer on his body then rishi gets astonished approaching it was brought for you to eat however you applied on your body so why you did this then Krishna clarifies him about this body which liquefies when we kick the bucket yet now as you have tasted so it’ll get favored and rishi gets enthusiastic by his discussions tolerating his misstep towards Krishna and implores Krishna.

Gurudev clarifies divine beings how prabhu demonstrates his strategies to clarify rishi who eventually acknowledges his mix-up.

Brahmadev clarifies and encourages sapta rishi’s to go to prabhu Krishna for his mahaprasthan to take information on gita from him.

All rishi’s come to Krishna as he reveals to them I was sitting tight for you as it were. Rsihi’s are soliciting information from gita so he clarifies them how he disseminated information on gita to everyone and they continue talking about it in subtleties. He gives them all sort of information what is educated in gita of good deeds, heart’s desires and so on. Step by step instructions to ruminate simply of tolerating this information from gita to carry out beneficial things in human structure and in the event that human gets pulled in towards wrong things, at that point he may be lead to underhanded deeds. All implore Krishna and recognition him for giving so great information on great deeds to do and to gain from gita too.

Brahmadev is telling mahadev how prabhu Krishna clarified all rishi’s information on gita and mahadev too acknowledges prabhu as he itself can give information pleasantly and the two of them talk about how it was conveyed in past to different divine beings which is pleasantly occurred.

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Rishi’s asks Krishna how to execute this then he discloses him to serve to all your prosperity individuals like dad, mother, family members and so forth and disclosing them to carry out beneficial things who will implore me then at last they get favored.

Rishi’s are mentioning Krishna that to make us think about how to design this before your mahaprashthan and he clarifies him i’ll instruct you this by giving case of my aficionados story. Raja padmasen and brahman Vishnu datt who use to remain close dwarka in gangapur and raja padmasen use to give absolutely to all individuals of his riches and they use to laud him so he guides them to supplicate shri Krishna for this since I can do this as a result of him and they ask Krishna.

Raja’s gatekeeper comes disclosing to him a few people have come here to contemplate for prahu Krishna so he reveals to him that I’ll actually make courses of action for them and will likewise make the most of their reflection.

Krishna tells rishi’s there was another aficionado brahman Vishnu datt who was against raja’s deeds because of not all that rich by riches yet he use to consistently be in my reflection since he was rich by information.

Precap: Krishna while clarifying about information additionally gives information on devi anusaya as well. Mahadev and Krishna come in type of guala and tells devi anusaya that we take nourishment from that individual just who comes stripped to encourage us and devi anusaya in stunned hearing this.


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