Nazar 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Palak Comes To Apur’s House


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Scene 1
Madhu’s twist consumes. She throttles and takes life of the other with. Some local young men come there. Madhu says he has seen me I can’t leave my fact alone out. They run. Madhu stops them and ends their life also. She says my dad found a good pace truth so I slaughtered him. I am the witch who lives inside their home. They are blameless and don’t have the foggiest idea. I can’t tell them reality. I slaughtered Saurav as well. Apur is right now of me. He will be fine on the off chance that he gets hitched. I won’t let him get hitched. At that point I would forfeit him on amwasiya and become an aikain.

Palak says I never grumbled. I generally said it’s alright that God didn’t give me things. In any event, when I was debilitated. In any case, I won’t have the option to bite the dust calmly, if my sister isn’t hitched. If it’s not too much trouble get her wedded. I will pass on in harmony. Madhu says I will end Apur’s life and nobody can divide me and mission.

Urushi sees the four children dead. She says what is this? First each one of those individuals and now these children. What’s going on? Furthermore, that too on our rooftop. Madhu says don’t be terrified mama. Pandit ji set trishul outside the house. Urushi says however she despite everything murdered four children on our rooftop. It won’t comprehend until Apur is hitched. Madhu says it is difficult. Who might wed Apur right now? Urushi says Apur would get hitched today. Madhu says who is the young lady? She says I paid a young lady’s family 2 crore to get her wedded.

Palak says to Chintu you will find a new line of work. Try not to stress. Chintu says we used to go to class together and you need to make desserts. Palak says this is parsad. Neha says she would have accepted your position if mami didn’t drop her confirmation.

Young ladies’ family goes to Apur’s home. Urushi says I am so happy you came here for the proposition. Young lady’s mother says we are so happy to be identified with you. Dadi says let me prepare things for bahu. Madhu says the wedding isn’t finished. Try not to call her bahu as of now. She says in heart they will endure coming here. Urushi prepares things for the wedding. She asks pandit ji. He says we are prepared for the wedding. I have set unadulterated lines outside. No malicious force can cross them. Madhu says I will check them. He says no it’s alright. Palak says to Naina you will end up being an associate educator. She says, collaborator scientist. You accomplished such a great deal to get me contemplated. I will win and get your instruction now. Palak says send me to London. Urushi says to the young lady’s family this house is presently yours. Prepare and let me know whether you need anything.

Palak goes to the house with her request for desserts. The other witch comes there also. Apur is playing trumpet Palak comes before him.

No precap.


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