Nazar 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Mohana Dies


Nazar 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mohana says the fire offered forces to Ansh. Chetali says what? For what reason would Ansh need to take your forces? Mohana says I am the risk. Vedeshree says you did all that? She says yes I murdered pandit ji. Ansh says we were simpletons that we confided in you. Piya says we won’t let you win. Mohana says you guaranteed that you will assist me with murdering the challenger. Piya says I will murder you before that. The one in particular who might bite the dust today would be you. Ansh says you won’t surrender your life as a result of me. Ansh hops in the magma. Piya hops after him. Everybody shouts. Vedeshree says Ansh and Piya left us. We need to go. Piya picks Ansh and says you can’t leave me. You guaranteed me you won’t let anything transpire. You can’t allow wickedness to win. If you don’t mind open your eyes. I won’t let anything transpire. Vedeshree says Nishant kindly accomplish something. Nishant says I can’t do anything this time.

Vedeshree shouts and cries. She says I need my children back. Mohana says they are no more. They are dead. Ansh did it without anyone’s help. Ansh needed to bite the dust. I figured it would be extreme however Ansh made it exceptionally simple. Piya says Ansh I won’t let you go alone. I will go from this world with you. Piya lays her head on his head. Mohana says devika and Davansh both kicked the bucket.

Vedeshree says I will slaughter you. Mohana says nobody can murder me and nobody can take my forces. My raj tilak would be done here. Pandit ji comes there. Mohana says you’re late. It’s everything over. I am happy you are alive. Who might I praise this triumph with? Pandit ji giggles. He says the night isn’t finished. You’re giggling approach to ahead of schedule. Mohana says you knew Ansh would pass on. Pandit ji says there was something different in his kundli as well. Vedeshree says yet he is alive right? Pandit ji says no. He needed to bite the dust however he will get considerably more powers in the wake of kicking the bucket. Another force will be conceived. That force will execute aikain.

Ansh and Piya find a good pace powers. Pandit ji says they are back with more powers. Mohana says my Raj tilak is finished. I am the sovereign of witches now. Ansh says your capacity can’t be more than Shiv ji. Ansh and Piya do the tandav. The crown tumbles from Mohana’s head. Ansh throttles her. Mohana says please pardon me Ansh. I will go far away from your life. Ansh says that you would. Ansh takes her up in the sky with himself. Ansh says we excused you since you brought forth me yet now enough. Ansh eats Mohana’s life. He recalls all that she has done. Mohana kicks the bucket. Nishant says Mohana is gone for eternity. Pandit ji says all of you are finished with her eternity now. The crown comes to Ansh. Piya says Ansh this crown came to you. Do you need it? Ansh consumes it and says no. This fight with dread and fiendishness is finished. Vedeshree says this would be another life. Chetali says with everything fine at this point.

Precap-Mohana returns with another life and slaughters her own sibling.


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