Nazar 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tara Gets To Know More Truth


Nazar 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.News

Scene 1
Ansh and Nishant are in pontoon in waterway. Nishant requests that he toss Piya’s tears in stream. Ansh does, it moves toward becoming pearl and pulls Ansh in waterway.

Piya is covering up in water. A few privateers are assaulting mermaids. They assault one and takes her pearl. Privateer says half work is done, I need to get another mermaid.

Tara endeavors to contact lady in cloak yet lady disappears.

Detestable lady leaves house, her cover goes off and its Mayank’s mom as it were. Flashback indicates how Mayank brought tea for his mother and she had something blended in it.

Piya is covering up yet privateer sees her and assaults with a bolt however she swims away. They pursue her.

Mayank’s mother comes to Tara. She cries and embraces her. Mother asks what was the deal? Tara says there was a lady in shroud and I saw her in

tea however.. Mother inquires as to whether she saw some terrible dream? what garlic tea? tree pulling.. what? Tara reviews how Mayank pulled tree before and supposes I never revealed to her that however how can she know? Tara says she had horse feet. Mother asks like these and demonstrates her feet which are horse feet. Tara is shocked.

Chitali sobs for help. Vedsheree comes there and asks Mohana to abandon her. Mohana says she constrains me to end up old Mohana. Chitali asks Adi to support her. Adi ends up red and consumes Mohana’s plait. Mohana leaves Chitali and scowls at Adi. She leaves from that point.

Privateer is hunting down mermaid. They see her swimming in water and assaults her however Piya stows away in water.

Mayank’s mother snatches Tara. Tara is terrified and says let me go, I wont tell anybody, mother says you cant. She evacuates her memory and says we need you so I cannot rebuff you, when my child and you perfect your marriage and we get what we need then we dont need you. Tara is confounded and says I dont recall what I was searching for, mother requests that her go and takes rest. Tara reviews how Mayank had before eradicated her memory.

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Ansh sees Piya in water and swims to her. They affectionately take a gander at one another. Ansh embraces her. All of a sudden Piya begins moving ceaselessly. Ansh glances around however doesnt see her.

Scene 2

Tara goes to her room and reviews Mayank’s mother’s words and how she endeavored to delete her memory, Tara says I remember everything, I didnt overlook anything, it implies Mayank and his mother are as one in this, what do they need from me? I should leave, they are terrifying yet on the off chance that I leave, at that point I wont know anything about my dad’s passing and they will discover me anyplace, what would it be advisable for me to do? She tumbles down and cries.

Chitali is endeavoring to make Adi consume however he looks. Chitali says he doesnt tune in. Avi snickers, Chitali requests that he influence him to eat in the event that you think its that simple.. They swing to see Adi gone.

Mother says to Mayank that you still couldnt that bird mark from her? She isn’t blameless, she became more acquainted with about my fact, I deleted her memory, get me that bird memento till tomorrow first thing, you have this night as it were.

Avi and Chitali come to room and see him sitting on pantry. Avi says we discovered you, in the event that you eat this sustenance, at that point we will go to eat frozen yogurt. He attempts to cut him down yet cant contact him. Chitali requests that he descend. Vedsheree comes there and says we have one approach to influence him to eat.

PRECAP-Pirate endeavors to murder Piya however Ansh comes there and says I am an ocean wind. Privateer says no you are not, who are you?


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