Nazar 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Ansh Is The Challenger


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Piya says father thinks Mohana is correct. She isn’t lying. Ansh says I despite everything think she is lying. Piya says in the event that she loses we will all be in a difficult situation. Ansh says we will be with her however together. Piya says no you need rest. The whole family is with me. Ansh says guarantee me you won’t let anything transpire. Piya says I won’t let anything transpire.

Piya ties Mohana. She says you are welcoming that challenger however you said she would come on Chaturveshi night. Piya says we will trick him into intuition it is. Saavi says by what method will you make the moon for him to see? Piya says I won’t do that. Ayush would. She takes a gander at the sky and says Aysuh you need to do it for us. This is against nature yet we need your assistance. We are in a difficult situation. If you don’t mind make the moon look like Chatuveshi. Mahoma says it’s unimaginable. Piya says please help us Ayush. The moon changes its shape. Nishant says Ayush. Piya says that the challenger can come whenever. Naman says from anyplace.

A fireball comes towards them. Nishant says remain arranged and join when I state. Take your position. Piya says it would take we all enduring an onslaught. Piya says it’s gong towards our structure. Police at their home sees fire coming. They run. It consumes the house. They all surge inside the house and search for Ansh. Ansh is choking. Mohana says I wasn’t lying. They are all in dread. Piya says for what reason did it assault him not you? Mohana says since you were with me. Piya says how might we confide in you. You have consistently tricked us. Mohana says in the event that you help me I will leave from your life for eternity. You need to guarantee me you won’t step back. The person who battles with this challenger should lose their life. Meet me on the off chance that you concur.

Pandit ji says I need to advise about Ansh’s condition to Nishant. Piya says to Mohana I as of now to be right now you. Mohana says whoever breaks it would need to kick the bucket. Piya says I have concurred. She says to begin the Pooja.

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Patmayan comes to pandit ji. He says how are you here? You were in the cavern. She says Mohana consumed me and that cavern. She can successfully be aikain. She doesn’t need me to advise any individual who needs to take her forces. Pandit ji says who can take her forces? Who is more remarkable than her? Patmayan says Ansh. Ansh isn’t well. Vedeshree says improve Ansh?

Mohana says to begin this pledge we need to include our blood right now. Presently your turn. Ansh says for what reason is Piya taking this promise. Shekhar says she didn’t have an alternative. Chetali says she is doing his for us all. Vedeshree says we need to do this. In the event that we help Mohana she will leave our lives. Ansh says she is doing what she generally did. I couldn’t care less. I need to stop Piya. She can’t be right now. Avi says Mohana said nobody can come there till the vidhi is finished. Ansh says Piyaa don’t rehash this mix-up. Piya says take a gander at you. Imagine a scenario in which he assaults you once more. Ansh says yet you don’t need to make this guarantee. Piya says we need to. So she leaves our life until the end of time. We will carry on with an ordinary life.

Pandit ji says I need to educate Piya and Nishant concerning it. Pandit ji goes to Piya’s home. He searches for Ansh and Piya. Mohana comes before him. She says what are you here to tell? So you realize who is going to take my forces. I knew it’s Ansh. Pandit ji says you concealed it from everybody and said that Ansh is additionally in a tough situation. She says I made everybody think Ansh is in a tough situation. Pandit ji says you can’t do this. You can’t overcome Ansh. Mohana says Piya should execute Ansh after this guarantee. In the event that she doesn’t execute him she should bite the dust herself. It’s a success win for me. She pushes pandit ji from that point. Pandit ji calls Piya.

Precap-Piya says I guarantee you I will help you in all circumstances. Mohana says this is promise bangle. It will continue helping you to remember your guarantee. In the event that you break it you would bite the dust.


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