Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram Protects Gagan Yet Again


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Pinky saying thanks to Gagan for giving her evidences. Gita pulls the window down and reveals to Gagan something. Gagan discloses to Pinky that he ought to have comprehend that the two of them are careless. Radiant sees Arjun leaving emergency clinic. Pinky flees from Gagan, leaving her satchel on ground. Gagan takes the keys and opens the vehicle. He takes Lakshman out and beats him for attempting to harm Gita. He says how could you? Pinky asks Gagan to leave her Chacha ji. Gagan says on the off chance that you don’t lose your telephone, at that point I will cover your Chacha. Lakshman asks Pinky not to break her telephone. Gagan requests that Pinky break her telephone. Pinky breaks her telephone and crushes under her feet. Gagan says now the ball is in your court and holds pinky’s neck. Bright and Arjun come there. Arjun tosses something on his head and asks how could you to contact him. Gagan hits on Arjun’s injury and makes him black out. Lakshman comes there and hits Gagan. Pinky goes to the Police station and requests that Inspector capture Gagan. Lakshman brings Gagan there. Pinky advises that Gagan attempted to break her telephone, however because of innovation, information was spared. Slam comes there with Nalini. He discloses to Pinky that he pushed Arjun erroneously and asks Nalini to give articulation. Nalini says he is stating truth. Pinky is stunned and argues infront of Nalini to state reality. Nalini requests that her reclaim the case. Auditor inquires as to whether she needs to record the case. Pinky is quiet. Monitor says you are quiet and that implies you would prefer not to record the case. He leaves. Smash discloses to Pinky that she has kept his notoriety and takes Nalini out. He takes out earphone from her ears and converses with somebody on telephone. Pinky turns out. Nalini says I know why you did this, I will ask you one day.

Slam asks Nalini to come. Nalini sits in vehicle. Slam advises that society’s administrator is coming to discuss board meeting. Gagan thumps on the vehicle entryway and expresses gratitude toward Ram. Smash says whatever I am doing is for myself and not for you.

Specialist asks Sunny, how might you take Arjun out? Bright says sorry and tells that Arjun had constrained him. Specialist says on the off chance that he keeps on doing this, at that point he will be power to keep him here. Pinky says alright. Radiant inquires as to whether Gagan is captured or not. Pinky says no and covers cover on Arjun. Somebody takes their pics. Arjun gets flashes of Gagan hitting him and finds a workable pace, go. Arjun finds a workable pace. Pinky stops him. Arjun says he realizes that Ram Kashyap spared Gagan. Pinky reprimands him.

Gita tells Gagan on the off chance that he saw her miracle and says you was meandering to a great extent, and today you are going to Brahmin samajh meeting. Gagan says how you did this? Gita says she took Swami ji’s assistance and says Ram Kashyap is pressurized by him. She requests that he handle Arjun. Gagan says my arrangement is dynamic since Pinky went to Arjun’s home and shows the pendrive. He requests that her see what it does.

Pinky advises that her life is going to change. Gagan inquires as to why Arjun is consistently with Pinky and represents her. Arjun’s mom tells that Arjun got her far from his life, their connection is odd, issues began when Arjun wedded Ananya. She says I can’t let him ruin his life once more. She is returning in her life. Pinky says we will return after a solid break and tells that she needs the individuals’ help:

Pinky advances the re run of the past scenes from monday to friday and enlightens the crowd concerning show taking Corona infection break.


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