Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky Blackmails Gagan To Confess The Truth


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Lakshman giving Gagan’s watch to Pinky and says it is confirmation. Pinky says this can’t be the evidence as he returns home regularly, we need to make Gagan talk reality utilizing this. Lakshman considers Gita in woman’s voice and tells that she has proposed Gagan ordinarily, yet he declined as he is frightened of his significant other and Megha, yet now I heard that he said a final farewell to the last mentioned. Gita figures the woman may be after him and tells that Gagan is leaving the nation. Lakshman illuminates pinky. Pinky says she will accomplish something. Bright calls her and offers call to Arjun. Arjun converses with Pinky and says I realize you won’t sit discreetly at home, asks her where is she and what’s going on with she? Pinky says she is at home and conversing with the house flies as mosquito prodded them. Arjun says your comical inclination is finished, don’t attempt that. Pinky says don’t attempt your disposition, it is finished. Arjun helps her to remember her guarantee. Pinky says she has kept her fingers crossed while promising him, so let her do the enquiry. She at that point claims not to hear him and parts of the bargains.

Arjun finds a workable pace bed. Bright says this is ICU and not the nursery, requests that he rest quietly. Arjun says I realize Pinky will do some ineptitude most likely and requests that he let her go. Radiant says just you got the blood, why you are bubbling it, says Pinky will do nothing. Pinky advises that they need to stop Gagan to take his admission and need to go to air terminal. Lakshman asks did you think how to stop him. Pinky grins and tells that she will be do show in at some point. She takes him with her. Arjun attempts to find a workable pace. Bright advises that Doctor requested that you rest. Arjun says I realize Pinky will get caught in a difficult situation. Radiant requests that he rest. He gets a message and tells that somebody swiped your card for airticket. He says if any medical attendant took your card. Arjun says pinky has done this.

Gita discloses to Kanchan that Gagan is leaving the nation and won’t return until everybody is fine. She detects somebody’s essence, yet no one was there. Kanchan requests that her advise Gagan to leave the nation quickly, as though he gets captured then no one can prevent him from going to prison. Gita says she will converse with him. Kanchan gets her companion’s call and goes. Gita sits in the vehicle. Lakshman comes concealing his face and makes her smell chloroform. Gagan arrives at the air terminal. The staff part requests that he go as the entryway will be shut. Pinky comes to Gagan and apologizes to him. Gagan requests that her leave his pack. She tells passionate coercion and says I can quit breathing, however can’t leave you. She says I won’t let you go as the paratha got scorched a piece. She twists down on her knees and tells that she will pick up cooking, you won’t get my hairs in dal, I won’t chide you for tossing wet towel on bed. Gagan attempts to go. Pinky requests that the woman let him know and advises that when he came to saw her, she revealed to him that she don’t have the foggiest idea how to make nourishment, however she realizes how to make him Deewana. Last calls seeks him. Pinky sits on his trolley and requests that he accept her as the carriage. Gagan requests that her keep the trolley and runs. The woman asks the air terminal staff to release Pinky with Gagan. Pinky runs behind Gagan with the staff. Gagan draws close to the entryway and comes to realize that the entryway is bolted. Gagan sits stunned. Pinky grins and tells that she has something all the more fascinating for him. She gives him Gita’s video in which she is revealing to Gagan that they have guns, Lakshman is found in the video. Pinky requests that he come behind her.

Bright comes to Arjun and asks how right? He requests that he rest and don’t consider going anyplace. Arjun grumbles of torment in relaxing. Bright goes to call specialist. Arjun finds a workable pace bed. Gagan leaves air terminal and gets some information about his mom. Gita yells for help. Gagan draws close to the vehicle. Lakshman takes steps to execute her. She sees the toy vehicle and attempts to tell Gagan. She instructs him not to advise anything to Pinky. Pinky asks Gagan to admit reality. She says she resembles salt which can make up the taste and can demolish the taste, yet no one can ruin her.

Pinky takes steps to make Gita drink toxin and says individuals will feel that Mother ended it all as child’s marriage down and out. Gagan says I won’t let anything happen to my Maa. Lakshman acts to make her beverage counterfeit toxin. Gita thinks it is genuine toxic substance and cries. Lakshman says poison is beneficial for you, yet this is spoiled thandai which will agitate your stomach, however your moronic child will think it is a toxic substance. Lakshman attempts to make Gita drink it. Gagan requests that he open the vehicle. He advises that he attempted to slaughter Arjun and made him tumble down from the patio. He asks what you can do. Pinky says thanks to him for giving her confirmations and says simply like your mom is in torment, you will be in torment as well.

Precap: Gagan pounds Lakshman seriously and makes Pinky breaks her telephone. He holds her neck. Arjun comes and hits Gagan. Gagan hits Arjun. Pinky yells.


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