Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Pinky Catches Gagan With Megha In Hotel Room


Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Pinky covering up under the bed. Gagan and Megha come there. She loves the improvement. Gagan says what could be the preferred day over valentine’s day. He says you are constantly stressed as a result of Pinky. He tells that he don’t care for her. He tells that he don’t care for her smell and his head begins tormenting when she draws close to him. He says he isn’t keen on him and simply cherishes her. Gita calls Sarthak and discloses to him that Arjun’s little girl came to there. Sarthak tells Asha. Arjun comes there and asks Sarthak where is his girl? Sarthak is going to let him know, when Asha tells that they don’t have the foggiest idea and requests that he leave. Arjun calls him chirkut and leves. Asha says we will show him chirkutpanti and tells that let him search his little girl. Sarthak values her arrangement. Lakshman hears him. Gita removes Nandu from the house. Nandu tells that she won’t abandon meeting Pinky and runs, she gets hit by the vehicle.

Arjun sits in the vehicle and is going to go, when Lakshman comes and informs him concerning Nandu. Arjun leaves. Gagan reveals to Megha that God must be in an exceptionally awful state of mind when he made Pinky and advises that he abhors her to be called Pinky as his wife..Pinky hears him and cries severely. Megha says no one can realize that you are tricking her seeing your face. She says you can tell infront of Pinky, yet can’t infront of Ram. Gagan says he is a major stupid and advises that he will get edgy to go out for his phony traditions. Pinky couldn’t bear anything against her dad and reprimands him for telling that Megha is his chief and inspired by him and he isn’t keen on her. She comes clean with that she will advise to Papa and you don’t have the foggiest idea what he will do with you. Gagan pushes her down and says you will uncover me. He says your dad has yielded your bliss and tells that this mangalsutra is your personality presently, says even canine won’t care for you. Pinky says she won’t bear his kuttapanti. She chomps on his hand and is running, when Megha holds her. Pinky pushes her down and flees. She strolls in stun and is in tears. Naina melody plays… ..She reviews Gagan and their minutes. She takes water from the server. Server says it is of another person. Pinky takes a gander at him. He says sorry and goes. Pinky cleans her face and leaves the inn.

Gagan gets back home and discloses to Gita that Pinky saw Megha and me in the lodging and left from that point. He asks will I call Ram? Gita says in the event that he comes to know, at that point? Arjun comes there. Nandu is fine and embraces him. She says she came to demonstrate trophy to Pinky. Arjun requests that her protest the vehicle. He asks Gagan where is Pinky and says you gave confirmation for your modest things.

Entryway chime rings. Shraddha opens the entryway. Arjun comes there and asks where is Pinky? Sarthak inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Arjun requests that he call Ram else he will beat him. Nandu says yes. Sarthak calls her 25 paise. Arjun requests that he call Ram. Shraddha calls everybody. Amma and Nalini come there. Asha says it appears Pinky accomplished something. Arjun asks where is Brahmin samajh head. Amma says he is in meeting. Smash tells the men that they will regard ladies and they will chat on this point. The men request that he welcome his little girl and child in law. Slam says he will welcome them. Arjun comes there and requests that he ask where right?

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Slam inquires as to for what reason did you come here? Arjun says I had gone to her home and she isn’t at home. He says he don’t need Amma and Nalini to get stressed. Smash takes him to corridor and asks how could you to state that Pinky isn’t at home. Arjun says Pinky has caught Gagan in the act with Megha and left from the lodging. Smash says I will demonstrate that she is at home and calls Gagan. Gagan gets stressed. Gita requests that he take a long breath and pick the call. Gagan picks the call and makes proper acquaintance Papa ji. Slam requests that he offer call to Pinky. Gagan says she went to advertise with Maa and tells that he has sent ring selfie to him. Smash says alright. Gita asks what he will do now. Gagan says my predetermination can’t deceive me. Slam shows the selfie and tells that she is grinning and he can’t turn into her stress. Smash asks Sarthak to watch out for Arjun. Amma inquires as to whether he is stating truth? Arjun says he isn’t lying. Nalini gets frightened. Amma says Pinky isn’t feeble and will return. Nandu says I got trophy on account of her. Arjun requests that Nandu come. Sarthak stops him. Arjun pushes him and leaves. Gagan requests that what do, police gripe? He says no. Gita trusts Pinky’s coincidental passing. Entryway chime rings. Gita stows away. Slam comes there and tells that Nalini sent some stuff. Gagan tells that his mom went for a shopping with her. He calls Gita.

Gita requests that he tell that Pinky is in preliminary room. Gagan requests that Ram go and advises that he will carry her to his home. Slam says garments can be preliminary, however not relations. He requests that he discover where is Pinky else he experiences to offer difficulty to everybody. He says Pinky and you need to desire my yearly program. He says on the off chance that anything occurs against me, at that point this house needs to hold up under. He leaves. Gagan gets terrified. Gita turns out and sits on couch, says it is acceptable that he didn’t discover what was the deal? He asks what are you covering up? Gagan falls on his feet and advises that Megha called him to lodging for the valentine’s day. she compromised me of employment. Slam says for what reason didn’t you do tell truth previously. He at that point chides Gita amiably for not showing great qualities to Gagan. He asks Gagan not to imagine that he didn’t get anything. He requests that he search Pinky. Pinky thinks on the off chance that she will return home. A vehicle driver stops and asks where you need to go? Pinky says my home. She at that point thinks about Ram’s words and says I can’t return home. She says my condition resembles that dhobi ka hound, who doesn’t have house or ghat.

Precap: Pinky reveals to Arjun that the individuals has taken her gems and calling her hoodlum. Arjun requests that her beat them. Pinky beats the goons.


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