Naagin Season 4 22nd February 2020 Written Episode Update: Dev Witnesses Brinda’s Naagin Avatar


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The Episode begins with Brinda shutting the storage and locks it with her eyes. She thinks I have such a large number of forces, at that point requests that herself center. Lily requests that baa taste the toast. They cheers. Prateik come there in the gathering. Baa asks what? Lily says Dev and brinda’s observer of adoration. She asks Dev to give her message to brinda and says she is going. Dev sees Lily bily with a person. Lily asks what is he doing here and says in the event that somebody sees him. Prateik tells that he will tell that he is a server. Lily says no one will trust him. he says I will tell that I am occasion the board fellow. Lily says no one will accept. Prateik says he will say that he is her sibling. Lily grins and says no. Prateik tells that he truly missed her and that is the reason came. Dev sees Rajat and asks Rohan who called him. Rohan says I didn’t call him. Vish thinks she hosts considered him to consume the get-together. Brinda comes there and crashes into Dev, says she is getting late for the gathering. Dev advises that Baa had gone to the gathering and left moreover. He says you have worn jewelry given by Baa. She says yes. He inquires as to whether she realizes who was in the list if people to attend. She says she had made it herself and composed just their names who are uncommon to her. She requests that he move from her way. Dev gets agitated. Brinda goes to the room and attempts to converse with Manyata. She says how to make drakshira and gets a thought regarding how to do it. Dev goes to Rajat and asks who had welcomed him. Rajat says Brinda called him with so much love. He says she was unable to be mine, however yours occurred. I mean marriage.

Prateik goes to the woman and asks her not to have any beverage, as it is spiked. The young lady goes to Sparsh and inquires as to whether he spiked her beverage. Lily comes and takes him from that point. prateik requests that her avoid those folks and tells that one of them spiked the young lady’s beverage. Lily discloses to him that they all are her siblings. Prateik inquires as to whether she don’t have any great humble sibling. She tells that she has and he is Dev.

Vish becomes brinda and goes to the gathering. Dev hears Brinda calling Rajat. He inquires as to for what reason did she call him? He says Rajat was her ex and this is their gathering party. Vish/brinda discloses to him that she needs to reveal to him that she is extremely upbeat and needs to show him. He blows up and the naagmani shines in his brow. Vish/Brinda becomes twisted eyes and she thinks where right? She comes to side and becomes Vish once more. Brinda thinks to make the folks have drakshira. Dev comes there indignantly and asks brinda what is she doing here, tells that her extraordinary visitor is first floor. Brinda asks who? Dev says Rajat. Brinda figures for what reason did Rajat come here? She says I don’t have the foggiest idea why he came and inquires as to why he turned into her common spouse? Dev says I am your significant other and that is the reason I am asking him. He inquires as to for what reason did she wed him and says I have option to ask as I am your… .He pulls her towards the divider. She pulls him towards the divider and tells that she has no confidence on brutality. Dev inquires as to why you are crushing my feet. Brinda moves her foot and says she needs to cause numerous to have this beverage. Dev grabs the container from her hand and beverages it completely. Brinda thinks it is acceptable that I have some more drakshira. She figures now she can test Dev. She inquires as to why you abhor Rajat? Dev says as you are my better half. I despise him since he was your sweetheart. He requests that her demonstrate that she is his significant other and requests that her hit the dance floor with him first floor. Brinda says no. Dev says first we will move and afterward kiss. Brinda says no and says gives up first floor.

Dev goes to the gathering again and tells that this gathering is for his gathering with his exfriend and now spouse. He requests music. Music is played. Meri rooh ka parinda phadparaye… .plays… .brinda and Dev move in the gathering. Dev’s siblings look on. Vish figures what did he drink, wine or drakshira. Prateik hits the dance floor with Lily. Brinda brings the drakshira and provides for Dev’s sibling. They all become inebriated. Rajat advances his hand towards Brinda. Brinda comes there and takes her to side. He requests that her kiss him. brinda says you are not in your faculties? Dev says indeed, I am not in my faculties. They have an eye lock. He says you hit the dance floor with me and that implies you don’t have any complaint with my touch, you don’t abhor me. He is going to kiss her and shuts his eyes.

Brinda additionally shuts her eyes. Simply then they hear everybody applauding. Brinda asks Dev to leave her hand and goes out. Rajat follows her. Vish becomes snake. Brinda goes to the folks and asks where is my mom? They state their mum is inside. Brinda says where is my mom, Manyata Maa. Sparsh inquires as to whether she is hot. Hardik gets some information about her figure? Rohan says full detail. Brinda turns out to be half naagin.

Rohan rubs his eyes and asks would you be able to see, upar saree and neeche naagin. He moves while his siblings snicker. Brinda attempts to suffocate Rohan. Hardik and Sparsh get stunned. They are going to run, however brinda holds their necks and says you are Nayantara’s killer. She requests that they state where is her mom? Sparsh says he didn’t have a clue? Rohan yells for help and calls Dev. Vish comes behind Rajat and says you are going unexpectedly early. Rajat inquires as to for what reason did you call me here, needed to demonstrate my neediness to your rich spouse. Brinda inquires as to why you are stating this and advises that she was vulnerable to wed, however she can’t overlook him. She falls on him. Rajat holds her. Dev sees them together and yells Rajat’s name. He asks how could you? He says I will break your hand. brinda asks what is the best approach to converse with him like that. Dev says I don’t care for this person and asks her how she permitted him to contact her. he requests that her get out. The naagmani shimmers on his temple.

Dev goes to brinda, yet she isn’t there. Vish grins and says naagmani is found. Rohan asks brinda to leave him and says I will pass on? Brinda says you has the right incredible. She asks where is Manyata? They state that they don’t have the foggiest idea. Rohan asks Brinda to leave him as she holds him high noticeable all around. They request that her leave them. Brinda brings Rohan down. Dev comes there and calls brinda. He says you are a naagin. Sparsh and Hardik advise that Brinda needs to execute them. Rohan requests that he spare her. Dev asks brinda to leave his siblings and calls her naagin, liar. He blows up. Brinda leaves them. Dev blows up and the naagmani on his temple shimmers. His siblings inquire as to why you are shining. Vish figures they couldn’t know brinda’s reality now, else my hardwork will be squandered. She hits bar on Dev’s head. Dev falls oblivious. They ask vish for what good reason did you hit our sibling. Vish says even I am naagin, not by any means her. She nibbles them and they fall oblivious.

Brinda inquires as to for what reason did you execute them? Vish says nothing will transpire as they drank drakshira. She says they will overlook everything. Vrushali, Ketki, Ira and others come there and see their children on ground. Vrushali asks what occurred here. Vish says wrestling and tells that they were tanked to the point that they battled with themselves to hit the dance floor with a hot young lady. brinda says we will take them inside. They take the young men inside. Vish asks Brinda to chomp Dev on the brow, similarly as he is going to get cognizance. Brinda says she will do and expresses gratitude toward Vish. Brinda gets stressed for Dev seeing blood on his head, yet then thinks he is killer of Nayantara, and merits this. She says I am doing this as I am not narrow minded like him. He is going to pick up awareness. Brinda is going to nibble him.

Precap: Baa tells about Maha shivratri. Vish says you will converse with me brinda and I am catching you. Brinda sees lal tekri sanctuary. Vish enlightens her concerning its entryway. Brinda and Dev go there with their relatives.


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