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The Episode begins with Hukum squirming miserably when Gangajal is tossed on him. Bela, Vish and others. Vish requests that he take a gander at them and see their face, says it is demise face. She says Bela says Gangajal which filters others is consuming you. Vish says this is your karma buddy. Vikrant tells that shrewd can’t prevail upon goodness. Kuhu solicits Hukum to pass on in front from everybody and says you had killed my father, he should be cheerful today. I am extremely cheerful to see you bite the dust. Boltu says it’s alright. Sumitra, Rohini and Alek are having festoon on them. Sumitra asks Tamsee to spare them. Alek requests that her proceed to spare her dad. Tamsee says I have no dad, I am in solitude. She comes to them and expels the laurels from their neck. Sumitra expresses gratitude toward them. Tamsee requests that her be peaceful and reveals to Alek that he look shrewd, and

requests that he take water in a pail and toss on Hukum to spare him. Alek goes. Tamsee asks Sumitra and Rohini to go. Alek tosses a can of water on Hukum. Hukum gets up and yells. He battles with Mahir and Vikrant. Bela and Vish become a half snake. Sumitra, Rohini and Alek come there. Alek beats Boltu. Vikrant holds Alek, while Boltu beats him. Hukum hits Mahir and drives him down. Bela kicks Hukum with her tail. She says I won’t let you win. Vish asks half snake hits Sumitra with her tail. Mahir gets up and battles with Hukum. Vikrant nibbles Alek and he tumbles down. Sumitra additionally tumbles down. Hukum holds an overwhelming box and tosses on Bela. Bela hits him and makes him fall on Abhimantric shading. Bela, Vish, Mahir and others come to Tamsee. Tamsee says if the holi is finished. Bela says yes and says they will go out. Rohini asks Sumitra to get up and run. Sumitra takes a container of water and tosses on Hukum. Hukum gets up and comes to them. He says my tamsee won’t go anyplace.

Some other Aghori baba requests that the snake men gather their forces and recall Bhole naath. He tells about Andhka and tells that her forces will detestable. He says har Mahadev. Hukum asks Bela to give Tamsee. Bela says never. Hukum says you can’t win. Bela says you have lost. Bela and Vish hit Hukum with their tails. Hukum drives them down with his detestable forces. Tamsee who is seeing their battle pushes the vehicle with her hand and makes Hukum choke between the vehicle and the tree. She says holi over and your diversion is likewise finished, bye.. Her eyes turn dark and she makes Hukum evaporates/execute with her detestable dark forces. Vish, Bela and others are stunned. Vish inquires as to whether she is fine? Tamsee asks where are we going? Rohini, Sumitra and Alek see Hukum evaporating and get stunned.

At haveli, Aghori baba tells that Agni is getting less in havan kund, Naagrani ought to have brought that young lady at this point. Tamsee comes there and grins. Bela, Vish, Mahir and others stroll inside. Aghori Baba takes a gander at them. They all overlay their hands before the havan fire. Bela reveals to Tamsee that Hukum and Sumitra must not have disclosed to you this. She says you have awful powers in you. She says everybody has terrible power in them just as great power. Vish additionally tells the equivalent. Bela advises that this havan is performing to make her great forces sparkle and end her awful powers. Tamsee takes a gander at them.

Sumitra, Rohini and Alek come inside. Rohini says hukum evaporated noticeable all around. Sumitra says Tamsee first helped us and after that nearly executed hukum. Alek says we couldn’t care less about Hukum. Rohini asks them not to tell anything against Hukum as she is faithful to them. Sumitra inquires as to for what reason is she frightened. Alek advises that they have taken Tamsee to haveli and tells that he heard the Naags talking. He says I have an arrangement.

Tamsee says she needs to play. Aghori baba asks Tamsee to sit and yell at her. Tamsee gets furious. Vish says she is a young lady. Bela says she comprehends with affableness. Tamsee requests that they get her and runs. She keeps running at a quick speed. Aghori baba says I realized that it won’t be anything but difficult to get her. Tamsee is running extremely quick. Mahir sees Tamsee and calls everybody, except she is no more. Vish, Bela, Vikrant and others are looking for her in the haveli. Tamsee is running and the whatever things she is contacting shaken up. Aghori baba’s men attempt to get her and tumble down from the gallery. Tamsee snickers. Bela and Vish see her and message Mahir and Vikrant. They quietly descended. Bela signs that she will go first. Tamsee is covering up and giggling. Bela comes to Tamsee and says I got you and won. Tamsee says no one can prevail upon me, neither you nor your group. Vikrant comes to Aghori baba and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is quiet? He contacts him, Aghori baba, and his men tumble down as they are dead. Vikrant says, Baba. They are stunned. Tamsee says they were not giving me a chance to play and that is the reason I made them out. She says the entire group is out.

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Alek, Sumitra and Rohini draw close to haveli. He reveals to Sumitra that Aghori baba is additionally inside and more likely than not blown a few mantras on the entryway. Sumitra gets some information about his arrangement. Alek brings the sack. Rohini asks will we find her utilizing it. Sumitra asks Alek to suffocate her in water. Alek says we will do it later and requests that her peep inside the pack.

Vikrant asks Tamsee for what valid reason did she execute Baba. Tamsee says that the elderly person ceased me. Vikrant requests that her be calm and says she is Hukum’s girl, how about we get her now. Tamsee attempts to make column fall on Vikrant, yet he gets spared. He says how about we get her now itself. Tamsee hits something and the haveli gets shaken up by the shudder. Vish asks what’s going on with you? Tamsee moves and says she is having a ton of fun.

Sumitra says lamp fuel oil. Alek says they will consume haveli. Rohini says on the off chance that something happens to Tamsee, at that point? Sumitra says she is Hukum’s little girl and nothing will happen to her. Tamsee says no one will most likely catch me and says haveli is going to tumble down, whoever runs will get spared and whoever remains here will kick the bucket. Bela asks Tamsee to stop this diversion. Tamsee says no one will stop this amusement. The haveli columns are going to fall on them. Mahir and Vikrant hold it. Bela asks Tamsee to end her diversion. They leave from that point. Tamsee asks where are you proceeding to state this isn’t ‘find the stowaway’ amusement. She looks them. They tie her with rope. She says she is playing an amusement and requests that they free her and says she is choking. Vikrant says you are shaitaan young lady. Tamsee calls Vish as Maa and requests that her free her, says she will end up being a decent young lady. Vish requests that they abandon her and says she is a young lady. Bela asks her not to emergency and says we have seen what she has finished with Aghori baba. She says we need to do the ceremonies which Aghori baba advised to do. Vish says who will do the ceremonies now. Bela says Aghori baba is dead, yet he let me know everything. They take her to havan kund. Tamsee attempts to free herself.

Alek, Sumitra and Rohini toss lamp oil on haveli. Sumitra takes out match stick and lights the haveli ablaze. Naagin melody plays… .Sumitra grins seeing haveli ablaze.

Precap: Bela tells that the beams will leave the flame and it will fall on Tamsee. Vish asks Bela to do it cautiously and says she is a young lady. Light falls on Tamsee from the flame. Tamsee tumbles down.


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