Naagin 3 13th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahir, Bela And Others Celebrate Holi With A Mission


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The Episode starts with Mahir, Bela, Vish and Vikrant seeing the little girl in the room. Vish asks who are you? Sumitra comes and asks with respect to whether she couldn’t see her own one of a kind blood. She demands that they make appropriate associate with Tamsee. She says she is Hukum’s daughter. Vish says Tamsee… Tamsee asks who are you? Vish sits down and looks internally. She grasps her calling her young lady. Tamsee looks on with threatening gazes and looks angrily. Bela, Mahir and Vikrant looks. Vish endeavors to make her wear keepsake which Aghori baba gave her, yet Tamsee pushes her. Sumitra says I fail to tell that Tamsee couldn’t have cared less for any pariah to get in touch with her. They all are paralyzed. Vish says how she can turn out to be so speedy. Bela says she is definitely not a standard young woman. Vish says she is my daughter and says you said that she will be fine. Bela

says I thought. Mahir says she will finish up adult soon. Vikrant says once she become grown-up, her terrible powers will fabricate then it will be hard to change her. Vish says she can change and asks Bela to ask Aghori baba. Bela says Tamsee won’t agree to go to him, and says we have seen her malevolent power. Mahir says we won’t recognize defeat, and will win.

Mahir comes to meet Kuhu. Kuhu grasps him and takes him inside. Mahir asks how is Ruhi? Boltu says she looks like her mum and grasps him. Mahir offers thanks toward Boltu for helping them and tells that Hukum’s newborn child have ended up being 5 years old. He says they need our help and demands that her come. Kuhu says no and heads inside. She applies Tilak to Mahir and wishes him lively holi. Mahir says peppy holi and ensures that there is no motivation to stress this holi. Boltu asks as to myself? she applies holi shading to him. Tamsee is playing with robot toy. Vikrant comes and plays with her. Tamsee demands that he surrender her toy. Vish comes there and plays with them. She asks Tamsee to help her, and tells that she couldn’t accomplish the toy. Tamsee plays with the toy and does hifive with Vish. She by then looks evilly and says she couldn’t care less for anyone contact, yet as she is playing with her, it is okay. Vish sees her smiling. Tamsee also smiles. Bela hurls holi shading on Sumitra and wishes her happy holi calling her sasumaa. She by then applies shading to her. Sumitra gets pestered. Boltu plays with Rohini. Sumitra comes and demands that he go. She takes her to reflect. Rohini shouts looking in the mirror. Bela comes there and asks with respect to whether she heard someone shouting. Tamsee says she would incline toward not to know. Bela asks with respect to whether she needs to play holi. Tamsee gets some data about it. Vish, Vikrant and Bela illuminate her concerning holi and tells that they sprinkle tones on each other and play with shading water as well. Bela says everyone is playing outside. Tamsee says even she needs to play. Sumitra clarifies why Bela is playing holi. Alek tells that they were playing with Tamsee and Mahir gathered a huge amount of gathering to play holi. Rohini requests how to get free from this shading. Sumitra uncovers to Alek that the all inclusive community in the social affair are not individuals, yet winds. She demands that he continue to tell hukum. Rohini demands that what do? Sumitra demands that her do make up.

Tamsee says even I have to play holi. Sumitra stops her. Tamsee says she couldn’t care less for if anyone stops her. Sumitra says even I have to wish you perky holi and solicitations that her interruption, goes to wish Vikrant and Vish. She says what do you that I won’t understand what you people are doing. Vikrant says we are frightened. Tamsee says she don’t like to stop. Sumitra says I couldn’t care less for Tamsee. Vish says that is the reason we are freeing her from you. Bela comes and demands that her play holi. Sumitra says she is best at playing chess. Bela says you had viably lost the redirection and asks what you will play with me. Sumitra asks her not to act adroit with her. Tamsee says she won’t hold up any more. Sumitra says it is a horrendous preoccupation. Tamsee says she will play. Bela asks Tamsee to come. Vikrant asks Sumitra to come and play holi with her and says we have dull shading too. Kuhu comes and stops Sumitra. She demands that her play holi with her first. Sumitra says she understands that she is keeping her from going out. Bela calls mahir and he unveils to her that they will take Tamsee from here. Kuhu asks Sumitra to apply shading. Sumitra pushes toward getting to be wind and is going to eat her, yet Kuhu hurls the bloom on her. Sumitra ends up human. Rohini comes and tells kuhu that she would have made back up plan. Boltu comes and asks Kuhu to run. He hurls net with blossom on it. Sumitra and Rohini get captured. Kuhu tells that she had extraordinary friends and needn’t waste time with a horrendous mum like her. Sumitra demands that her convey reprisal from Bela for killing their buddies. Kuhu says Bela is correct and never executed any genuine. She says I had enough of you. Alek comes to Hukum and tells about their course of action. Hukum says if something happens to my daughter, by then… bela uncovers to Tamsee that Vikrant drives enjoyably. She approaches Tamsee to need a ride.

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Tamsee asks Vish not to get in touch with her and tells that she will play first. Vikrant prompts that they have to interruption and tells that Hukum will reach Aghori baba first. He exhorts that they have to manage Hukum and tells that when he comes here, by then the snakes will hurl Gangajal on him and this shading is Abhimantric sindoor which he got from bhole nath asylum. Bela and Vish esteem his game plan. Mahir says Hukum will get no opportunity now and recognizes him. Bela says what we will do until he comes here. Vish says he may have thought. Vikrant says we will play holi first as it is the first after marriage for both of us. Bela says lets make it all the all the more captivating. Vish says yes. Bela mumbles something in Vish’s ears and runs. Mahir continues running behind Bela. Bela asks him not to get in touch with her and says this is the condition. Mahir says how to apply shading by then? Bela says may be you can’t have any noteworthy bearing shading to me. She says there is no condition for me and applies shading to his face. Mahir holds her hand and says I won’t get in touch with you, anyway can apply shading to your face. Bela says you can’t think about me with your hand. Mahir rubs his cheeks with hers, and the shading gets associated with her cheeks. Bela says now you can get in touch with me. Mahir holds her and a short time later applies shading to her neck. Kyunki mujhse zyada plays… ..They have a wistful moment. Bela smiles as Mahir applies shading to her neck. Mahir asks her not to keep straightforward condition for him next time. He says I esteem you. Bela says I worship you too…

Vish asks Vikrant to remarry her yet again, as when they married… he was in Yuvi’s image and she was in Bela’s image. Vikrant says I didn’t understand that I was wedding you. He guesses how to marry her and considers Abhimantric sindoor. Some snake men stop Vish. Vikrant takes her to side and fills her maang with sindoor, and reveals to her that he will fulfill all of the certifications. Vish gets enthusiastic. Vikrant says I believe that we have love sprout among us and tells that I have never appreciated anyone more than you and will never revere anyone more than you. Hukum and Alek come there. Boltu says you can’t do anything. Hukum gets incensed on Kuhu. Kuhu moves back. Hukum frees Sumitra and Rohini from the catch net and asks Alek to get Kuhu and Alek. Alek closes the gateway before they can escape. Boltu pushes Alek. Hukum gravitates toward to them. Boltu takes the abhimantric sindoor and hurls on them. They make sense of how to escape. Sumitra asks Alek to bring the towel. Hukum says it is red sindoor and solicitations that they bring his young lady.

Everybody is moving and praising holi. Balam pichkari plays… … .Everyone moves. Boltu and Kuhu come there, and tell that Hukum is inside. Bela says we need to accomplish something to redirect his consideration and he will not go where Tamsee go. Sumitra, Alek and Rohini come there and seek Tamsee. Boltu and Kuhu put the bloom on her. Hukum come there looking through his little girl. Sumitra calls Hukum, yet he couldn’t see her. Sumitra says we are here, yet he don’t hear her and figures where did Sumitra go. Hukum comes infront of Tamsee. All the snake men take gangajal in pichkari and others take Abhimantric sindoor in their grasp. Hukum asks Tamsee to come to him. They put Gangajal on him and toss abhimantric sindoor also. Vish says don’t feel awful, it is holi. Hukum resembles consuming.

Precap: Tamsee tells that she has no dad, she is in solitude. Hukum yells in annoyance.


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