Muskaan 9th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Hukum’s Tragic Demise


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The Episode begins with Hukum chiding Maalik for his wrongdoings. He says Ronak has opened my eyes, he came clean with me, I have understood my misstep seeing my mum and sister experiencing a similar torment, Maalik your standard is finished, each individual will live on possess, Ronak, Muskaan, Durga and Amma are free at this point. Maalik says fine, in the event that you need this, I will free you first. Inder and Kuldeep take weapons from goons and point at Maalik. They ask Maalik not to do anything to their sibling. Maalik applauds and saays I knew step sibling can never turn into claim. They all beginning battling. Maalik’s goons assault them. Maalik suffocates Amma. Amma yells to Hukum. Hukum yells no Maalik. Hukum hurries to spare Amma. He slips again into the pool and gets shocked.

They all get stunned seeing Hukum’s grievous end. Amma sobs for him.

Ronak sees the wires and races to unplug. They all get Hukum out of the pool. Hukum folds hands to Amma and kicks the bucket. Maalik looks on. Flawless comes to Gayatri. She requests that her have nourishment. Gayatri says I won’t have any nourishment until Ronak and Muskaan return, I m sure they will return. The man says Panchayat individuals have come outside. Maalik says proceed to call them. He asks them not to say anything to them, else they will color like Hukum. The sarpanch ask what was this sound. Maalik acts and says Ronak assaulted us, he murdered Hukum. Muskaan says no, Ronak didn’t do anything. Sarpanch says Maalik never lies, Ronak ought to get rebuffed. Maalik says truly, Ronak will be given Jal samadhi tomorrow. Muskaan yells no.

Its morning, Muskaan asking Maalik not to execute Ronak and rebuff her. Ronak says no, you can’t fall powerless. Maalik signs Inder. Inder reluctantly drives tied up Ronak into the waterway. Muskaan yells Ronak ji… .. Gayatri awakens and yells Ronak. Ronak gets sinking. Muskaan considers Ronak and sobs for him. Inder and Kuldeep take Amma. Maalik sends Muskaan. He requests that men slaughter Hanumant and get Ronak’s dead body to him. He goes. Hanumant comes there and battles the goons. He tosses a trishul and yells to Ronak to utilize the trishul. The trishul comes to Ronak and cuts the ropes. He weeps for Ronak.

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The man says dead individuals don’t return, proceed to get the dead body. Ronak turns out holding the trishul. Hanumant cheerfully cries. Ronak battles the goons. He embraces Hanumant and asks would anything be able to transpire when you are there, a debt of gratitude is in order for sparing my life. He embraces Hanumant and says we need to spare Muskaan now. Maalik takes Muskaan to the godown. She yells I need my Ronak ji. He requests that her shut up, Ronak is dead, he won’t return. He says I will show you a thing or two, yet I will initially manage these two snakes. Amma says save my children, they are your more youthful siblings. Maalik says no, they ought to get rebuffed. Amma says slaughter me, however leave them.

He says Ram won in Satyug, however this Raavan will win in this Kalyug. He requests that his men get everybody. He goes. Ronak comes there and beats the goons. Hanumant shoots the goons. Ronak and Hanumant search for Muskaan. They see Inder and Kuldeep tied up. Hanumant liberates them. Inder and Kuldeep apologize to Ronak. Ronak says I know, you pushed me in view of Maalik’s feelings of trepidation. They express gratitude toward him. Ronak asks where is Muskaan. Inder says we don’t have a clue, Maalik took her along, its impractical to know her area, he went for Raavan dahan, be cautious, Maalik’s military would be there. Hanumant says we need weapons to battle Maalik. Ronak sees the firearms kept. He says we got the weapons, Maalik’s Daahan will happen now. He thinks to spare Muskaan first, where is she… .

Precap: The ladies contradict Maalik. Hanumant focuses firearm at Maalik. The men bolster their spouses. Maalik falls back and gets singed.


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