Meri Gudiya 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Raghav Marries Ratri


Meri Gudiya 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Madhuri considering Raghav and Avi. Raghav and Ratri excel with marriage ceremonies. Sushma and Chacha ji does the kanyadaan. Ratri sees Raghav and grins. Shaurya sees Anjali. Madhuri joyfully cries. Pandit approaches Raghav and Ratri to represent adjusts. They take the rounds. Raghav stops and reviews Madhuri’s pledges. He says we will together deal with family and secure them. He reviews Madhuri’s words and makes guarantees without fail. Madhuri arrives at home. She sees the individuals there.

The individuals see her stunned. Madhuri thinks I have returned to carry out responsibility of a spouse and mum. She cries and thinks I have battled Yamraj and come. Raghav reviews Madhuri’s promises. He says I will consistently have the most demon connection and companionship with you, I have taken six rounds with you, will you give me good karma to be with all of you life. Anjali signs Shaurya to ask what. He signs nothing and grins.

He thinks at whatever point I did anything for Avi, I felt cheerful, for what reason does my heart sink with this marriage. Pandit requests that he state the last promise. Raghav says we will consistently be of one another, eternity. Ratri grins joyfully. Pandit requests that they sit. Madhuri petitions tulsi plant. Raghav takes the mangalsutra close by. Madhuri goes to go. Her saree stalls out there. She gets later. Raghav makes Ratri wear mangalsutra. Madhuri supplicates. Pandit gives the sindoor. Raghav takes it to fill Ratri’s maang. He fills her maang. Madhuri runs inside the house.

Madhuri comes there. She yells stop. Everybody gets stunned seeing her. Madhuri says Raghav, Ratri is a liar, she attempted to slaughter Avi, enough now Ratri, I will bring your fact out, this marriage is a falsehood. She yells.

She goes to break the mangalsutra. Raghav prevents Madhuri from doing as such. Madhuri gets stunned. He asks who are you. Madhuri asks what inquiry is this. He asks who are you, for what reason did you come here. Madhuri says I m Madhuri, your better half. He yells on her and says Madhuri is dead. He inquires as to for what reason did you come in my marriage. He asks Shaurya to consider the cops and make her away. Maa stops Raghav. She says perhaps she is our Madhuri. He says no, she can’t be our Madhuri. Madhuri cries. He says Madhuri kicked the bucket in my lap, I weeped for quite a long time, and still, after all that she didn’t open eyes, she had passed on, I realize that feeling, one who is dead can never return.

Precap:Madhuri says trust me, I m Madhuri, whom you cherished. She yells on Ratri. Raghav slaps Madhuri.


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