Meri Gudiya 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Raghav And Ratri’s Marriage


Meri Gudiya 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Guru ji disclosing to Madhuri that she isn’t the equivalent, her body is of a dead individual now, she can’t eat or have water, she can’t go close to her significant other. He requests that a woman drink water. The woman consumes on drinking water and yells for help. Master ji spares her. He says this woman is additionally similar to you, your state will be same in the event that you accomplish any human work, take this unadulterated water, keep this sheltered, when you get injured by human feeling, this water will spare you. Madhuri takes the water. Ratri and Raghav see one another. Maa says haldi rasam finished, right Sushma. Shaurya says this needed to occur. Raghav goes to his room. Madhuri experiences the shower ceremonies. Raghav reviews Ratri. Shaurya comes and says it is extremely unlikely to stop time, there is no arrangement now, I contradicted the marriage a ton, more than you, I understood I wasn’t right, you additionally know it.

Raghav says I can’t give Madhuri’s place to any other person, Ratri deals with Avi and I feel terrible for her, I don’t adore her. Shaurya says perhaps, however I know a fact, you will satisfy your obligation 100%, be it Avi or Ratri, have this sherwani, prepare and come. He goes. Madhuri is en route. Maa grins and sees Raghav’s haldi going on. Sushma says Shaurya’s turn is straightaway. Maa applies haldi to Anjali. Sushma says her father left nothing, who will pay for her marriage. Maa says she will get hitched. Anjali feels terrible. She says Avi, your father is looking so attractive. Ratri grins.

Adrika is miserable. Ratri says everybody acknowledged this marriage. Adrika says don’t be a lot of cheerful, take a gander at Raghav. Ratri says he will likewise acknowledge it soon. Adrika says I think this is going on for some arrangement. Ratri says don’t ruin my state of mind please. Adrika thinks what all will ruin now. Adrika proceeds to give a beverage to Avi. Avi drinks it. Adrika says now Adi will continue dozing by the medications. Everybody seeks the wedding. Maa asks Avi for what valid reason is she feeling rest, she was energized for marriage. She asks Dulaari to make Avi rest. Avi rests in her room and misses Madhuri. Shaurya sees Anjali and is lost. Anjali says aunt is calling you. He asks Anjali to miss her. He goes to help. He says I will proceed to call Raghav.

Madhuri arrives at a taxi and contracts. Raghav comes in the mandap and sits. Shaurya sees the shoes and insults Adrika about taking it. He goes to Anjali. Madhuri is en route. Ratri comes in the mandap and sees Raghav. She figures today I will get Madhuri’s place.

Precap: Raghav and Ratri get hitched. Madhuri comes there. She yells stop. Raghav gets stunned.


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