Meri Gudiya 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Madhuri Is In Trouble


Meri Gudiya 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Ratri searching for Avi. Avi says mumma. Ratri gets Avi and races to her. She requests that her open eyes. Adrika inquires as to for what reason are you exaggerating, there is nobody, for what reason are you acting, do you truly cherish her. She asks Ratri to glance around, there is everything destroyed, similar to some battle occurred. Dulaari and Turanta weep for Avi. They ask the driver. The driver is a soul now. He goes. Dulaari appeals to God for Avi. Ratri says I got Avi fine, however I need to end all faults on me, what will I do. Adrika says I think Dr. Rudraksh left Avi here and fled. Ratri says I did this, I m that power who spared Avi from malicious powers consistently. Adrika says you are additionally a malicious force, you are likewise similar to death for Avi, how might you spare her. Ratri says I have spared Avi, I need to cause everybody to accept this, its an opportunity to clear all the faults on myself. She sees a rock and goes to pick it. She hits on her head. Raghav returns home and sees everybody stressed.

Maa and others come to him. Maa says everything will get fine. He says I searched for her all over the place, there is no piece of information of Avi. Shaurya says Ratri and Adrika are additionally absent. Pia grins. Shaurya says possibly this has our piece of information covered up, there is one approach to discover Avi, we need to discover Ratri and Adrika. Raghav asks how. Shaurya says Dr. Rudraksh is in Shimla. Maa says she said he is in Singapore. Sushma says truly, Adrika told it. Shaurya says its a falsehood, Rudraksh is here, right Pia. Roopasur/Pia says yes. Shaurya says think what are they avoiding us and why. Adrika asks what’s going on with you, Avi is alive, for what reason are you doing this, I ought to do this, don’t have a clue where did Rudraksh go. Ratri calls Raghav. He requests that her state. She says I discovered Avi. He asks what, where are you now. She says I will come and state. He says I will come there. She says I m returning home, I need to tell something, its demon, pardon me Raghav.

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He inquires as to why. She disengages the call. Raghav says Avi is found. Maa cries joyfully. Everybody grins. Raghav says Ratri is getting Avi home, yet she was saying ‘sorry’ to me. Maa requests what. He says I don’t have the foggiest idea. Madhuri sees the spot and says what’s this spot, this doesn’t look yamlok. She gets caught there. Ratri and Adrika get Avi home. Maa embraces Avi. Sushma takes Avi inside. Shaurya asks what has occurred, how did this occur. He yells. Chacha says she is additionally harmed, let her state, she will say. Ratri says Avi was grabbed. They get stunned.

Shaurya asks who did it. Ratri says Dr. Rudraksh. Madhuri asks where are you going, state something, what’s this spot, where did I come, I need to go to Avi. She hears somebody shouting and asks is anybody in issue. She says I need to go to my girl, she needs me. She gets stunned seeing the phantoms. She tumbles down some place. She gets caught. She goes to mata Rani. She finds support by Mata Rani. She returns to a similar spot and sees the apparitions strolling.

Adrika signs no. Ratri says commonly, individuals need a stun to see the distinction among good and bad, to make oneself away from wong and do the privilege with fortitude. She asks Adrika not to stop her today. She says I will tell the whole truth today. Madhuri says where am I, perhaps this is some unadulterated spot, whom will I inquire.

Precap: Madhuri says let me go, I need to go to Avi. Master ji says Madhuri will return in her own body.


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