Mere Sai 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai helps Ujjwal regain his confidence

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Bheema notices Sai picks his bag. You are going to collect alms now? Sai nods. I need to collect something urgently. Bheema reasons that He does not leave so early. You dint even eat anything yet. Sai says there will be a problem if I miss this one. He leaves. Bheema wonders what it could be.

Ujjwal smiles as thinks of his sister’s words on his way to school. Tai is right. I will work hard and make myself a better human being. Gangaram meets Ujjwal on his way. Gangaram compares Ujjwal to his father. Any father would be heartbroken to have a foolish son. You can cure a disease but not foolishness! He walks away with his friend. Ujjwal thinks of his Baba’s harsh words and slaps. He runs in opposite direction and sits under a tree. Ujjwal cries his heart out. Sai asks for alms. Ujjwal says I have nothing to give to you. Sai says give me a promise then. Promise to give alms to me the moment you will receive your first salary. Ujjwal gets sad. I don’t deserve to study. Baba calls me a fool. I wont be able to do anything, neither studies nor work. How will I give you anything then? Sai asks Ujjwal if he goes to school regularly. Are you afraid of me too? I am your friend. You don’t hide anything from your friends. Ujjwal says I cannot go there. They will laugh at me. Sai says don’t go there if you don’t want to. I have never been to a school either! There is another option to learn too. Ujjwal gets curious. Another option? Sai nods. We will learn in the school called life. There are bigger and easier lessons there. Ujjwal asks him if it is true. Sai nods. Will you come with me?

Postman gives a letter to Vallabh Bhadke. Vallabh reads it. He informs his wife and daughter about his felicitation. Nirmala hugs him. I am very happy for you. You deserve it. Sarojini thanks God. She gives Prasad to both of them. It is a great news. Vallabh nods. I am glad as I got the fruit of my labour today. I have been invited with family. We will go together. Nirmala says we must make a lot of preps. We will wear new clothes. We must decorate the house as well. He tries to reason it isn’t needed but she insists that this must be done. She starts deciding clothes for her mother, herself and Ujjwal but Vallabh announces that Ujjwal wont go there. I will be felicitated there. I don’t want to feel embarrassed because of him. no one will tell that fool about this function! He leaves. Nirmala tells her mother that Ujjwal will be heartbroken after hearing about the function. Sarojini is in tears. Why are you doing this, Lord? Our son is amazing. Why is his life filled with hardships then? Why msut he yearn for his father’s love? Don’t give him so much pain. He might not be able to handle it. I have heard that you help those who are innocent. Why did you leave my son alone then? Do something. Please show a ray of happiness and hope in his life.

Sai and Ujjwal walk holding hands. Sai remarks that Ram ji will fix everything, Mayi. Just have faith and patience. Sai gives a fruit to Ujjwal. Ujjwal takes a bite and tells Sai that it is very sweet. Sai shows him many beautiful things / beings on their way. Ujjwal asks Sai why they need Guru and school when life can teach so many beautiful lessons. Sai suggests taking another path which makes Ujjwal curious. They reach a corner which is dug. Ujjwal says there is a bit pit. How will we go to the other side? Sai replies that this is what life teaches. There might be pits, obstacles on the way but one must not stop. We must cross them. Ujjwal wonders if they should get inside the pit and then cross it. Sai nods. Ujjwal says it is dangerous. There is no way we can step inside it safely. We might get hurt too if we aren’t careful. Sai puts a few sticks to create a path. Ujjwal is relieved. Sai says this is what is taught in the school by Guru’s.

Sai brings Ujjwal to school and tells Srikanth his student had lost his way. I brought him back. Srikanth tells Ujjwal that he must face the problems hands on. It is not sane to try and escape them. I wont scold you for what you don’t know. I am here to teach you that only. It isn’t yours but my problem now. Ujjwal says I will learn. I have promised Sai I wont stop coming to school. I wont stop learning. Srikanth praises him. Let’s go inside. Ujjwal thanks Sai who blesses him sweetly. Srikanth takes Ujjwal with him. Ujjwal looks at Sai before going inside.

Srikanth tells Ujjwal to sit down. 2 boys discuss how Ujjwal ran away yesterday. He will run away today too as he is nothing but a fool.

Sai smiles on his way.

The kids ask Ujjwal if he really does not know anything. Are you dumb?

Sai says people can taunt and comment as they please. Many people, who could become successful, became unsuccessful after getting affected by these things. Those who could learn to overcome / ignore it, wins.

Srikanth is teaching Sanskrit in the class. Ujjwal is paying attention to him.

Sarojini, Nirmala and their maid are headed somewhere. Sai notices them and stops in his tracks.

Srikanth asks a sum during the maths class. Kids start solving them. Ujjwal has finished before everyone else. Srikanth checks his answers. He tells Ujjwal to stand. Ujjwal complies. Srikanth says he is the only one who has solved them correctly. Everyone claps for Ujjwal as Srikanth praises him.

Sai smiles.

It is lunch break. All the kids sit down to eat with their respective groups. Ujjwal looks at them. Bela, Raja and another girl walk up to Ujjwal and introduce themselves. Ujjwal joins them.

Nirmala and Sarojini are making preps for the function. Ujjwal comes home just then. He is surprised to see the flowers and gifts. What are they for? There is no occasion today. She lies to him. Ujjwal heads to his room.

Sai says truth cannot be hidden. The kid is bind to find out the truth sooner or later. The best moment of the father’s life is going to a life altering moment for his son.

Next day, Srikanth is unlocking the classroom when Ujjwal joins him. Srikanth pays at his head lovingly. They both head inside.

Precap: A man notices his grandson sleeping. His feet are towards the temple. He reprimands his DIL for letting her son commit this sin. Sai suggests him to turn his feet in a direction where God isn’t.