Mere Sai 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Shocked To Hear Husband’s Truth


Mere Sai 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Champa inquires as to whether any of his supporter is in issue, for what reason don’t he clear his/her concern. Sai says issues are a piece of life and one needs to confront their issues as per their deeds; even she/Jahnvi needs to go through the test and god should invigorate her to confront her concern. Jahnvi asks her significant other for what good reason he is supporting hireling rather than her and what’s going on did she do. Spouse concurs that Savi is his first wife and couldn’t bear youngster, so he wedded Jahnvi for a kid.

He depicts how Savi didn’t bear youngster significantly following 5 years of marriage and crying consistently for a kid, at that point Savi’s dad proposes him to remarry for a kid and get that child to Savi. He began looking through young ladies in ashrams and discovered Jahnvi who was thoroughly vagrant, wedded her, at that point got her pregnant, after infant was conceived he got moved in Shirdi by means of Savi’s dad’s proposal, at that point after she brought forth a youngster he called his significant other here as servant, presently infant will be with his better half.

Jahnvi faces what’s going on did she do that he double-crossed her. He says he will keep her elsewhere and deal with her. Savi says they won’t give infant however. Jahnvi demands to restore her infant. Spouse cautions to acknowledge his offer, else she will atone. Jahnvi cautions that she will neither give infant nor leave him. He pushes her and cautions to set out not draw close to the child. Jahnvi says he can’t separate her from her child, she was arguing till now and in the event that he doesn’t acknowledge her solicitation she will uncover his fact before everybody. He yells she can do anything she desires and tosses her out of house and bolts entryway. She thumps entryway and argues to let her reassure her child as he won’t stay silent without her. Neighbors watch her difficulty.

In Dwarkamayi, Gopal signs Ram Stuthi while Lakshmi signals little girl Avni to proceed to look for shagun from Sai. Avni strolls to Sai.

Precap: A man requests that his better half get ready dining experience as Sai is coming. When Sai doesn’t come, he is sorry his significant other that entire family is ravenous as a result of him. Spouse says Sai will desire sure. A hobo comes asking, and man acknowledges he should be Sai. Sai sitting in Dwarkmayi sees it.


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