Mere Sai 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Samrat Steals Temple Jewelry


Mere Sai 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sai gives moral gyaan to Upasana that with devotion and trust, she can accomplish anything; so she ought to have persistence and trust. Upasana says he is right, till yesterday she didn’t have the foggiest idea in what manner will she get 10 rs, however today she earned it; she confides in god and realizes her concern will be unraveled; she is simply stressed over Samrat and doesn’t need him to be gotten by Kulkarni’s goons. Sai says Allah Malik Hai. Santa Clause with other 2 helpers follow Samrat. Samrat stows away in Maruti mandir and supplicates god to ensure him. Santa Clause leaves looking through him. Sai plants seed in ground. Udhav and Pari ask him for what good reason he is planting seeds. Sai says seeds help individuals consistently and he is certain even these one will take care of somebody’s concern.

Upasana comes back to her home. Sindhu inquires as to whether Kulkarni gave her an opportunity to reimburse advance. Upasana gestures yes and asks not to stress, everything will be okay. She goes in to set up Dashrath’s drug and feels frustrated about not advising her mom about her concern. She at that point nourishes prescription to Dashrath. Dashrath lifts his hand and attempts to call her. Upasana implores god to fix her dad soon and tackle her concern.

Samrat sees gold adornments on god’s object of worship and takes them. Megha sees him taking adornments and alarms individuals. Individuals run behind him. Dashrath’s companion Khan sees that. Sai waters seeds and seeing winged animal says it is returning towards its home. Udhav asks w cap does he mean. Sai leaves. Samrat attempts to escape individuals. Sai shrouds him and requests that he return sanctuary gems. Samrat says its not his issue to worry about and let him go. Sai says he hurt individuals’ emotions by taking adornments and will apologize later. Samrat cries that he is falling into difficulty anyway he is attempting to get out, he fears confronting his dad and Kulkarni. Sai says he did botch and apologized god, so god sent him to address him. Samrat inquires as to whether things can change much after this. Sai says on the off chance that he expels earth from his psyche, it is conceivable.

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Precap: Upasana gets amazed to see wheat plant bearing wheat inside a day. Samrat solicits in what manner will a clench hand from wheat help them. Sai picks wheat from plant in 1 go.


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