Mere Sai 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Dattu Leaves House


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Dattu rests outside house. Uma spoils him and requests that he come and rest inside house, however he affronts her. She strolls in crying and inquires as to whether they missed the mark in Dattu’s childhood that he is getting into mischief with them. Balchandra helps her to remember Sai’s recommendation to continue demonstrating their huge love to Dattu regardless of whether he get into mischief; he says tomorrow there is pooja at Mulay Shastri’s place and furthermore they have to get down to business for reaping, so he will go to Shastri’s place and she ought to get down to business with Dattu. Uma inquires as to whether Dattu will concur. He says she needs to attempt according to Sai’s recommendation. Uma appeals to God for Sai’s assistance.

Keshav sees Sai grinning alone and asks reason. Sai says human has numerous feelings, yet trust is special and gives moral gyaan with respect to it.

Dattu gets eager in the first part of the day and eating organic product figures he should can get hot nourishment. Uma offers him his preferred hot nourishment sheera. Dattu begins eating nourishment. Uma believes Dattu’s state of mind is acceptable today, she will request that he go with her to work. She asks him same, however he yells that she egotistical and offered him sheera for her advantage. Uma says she offered him sheera even previously. He says and, after its all said and done she was childish. She attempts to encourage him, however he discards it yelling on her. Uma blows up however thinking back Sai’s recommendation quiets down and says she adores him a ton as he is her senior child and what’s up in the event that he goes with her to work. He says she does foul play to him generally and is unprejudiced, for what reason don’t she take Hari with her. She says Dattu is little. Contention proceeds, and Dattu yells that main problem is she is his embraced child and she shrouded this reality. Uma stands broke hearing that. Dattu says she says she doesn’t lie, yet she thinks he is trouble on them and need to get free off him. Santa Clause viewing their discussion figures he ought to illuminate Kulkarni sarkar about it. Uma says truth is she is his senior child and she cherishes him more than Hari. He yells she is lying and truth is he is nothing to her. Uma slaps him to stop his refuse and asks who indoctrinated him. He says Latha naani and depicts entire story. Uma embraces him and says she cherished him more than her genuine child and even his dad adores him, at that point how might he feel that he is trouble on them. Dattu says he will succumb to her glossed over words, truth is the two of them feel sorry for on him and embraced him, he is leaving them and their reality and will stay away forever. Uma attempts to stop him and tumbles down while he leaves house. She cries uproariously arguing him to stop. Neighbors lift her up and consider educating her aunt Latha. Uma irately strolls towards Latha’s home to go up against her.

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Sai faculties Uma’s trial and stops his work. Pari inquires as to why he went home fragmented and heading off to some place, in the event that somebody is in a tough situation. Sai says truly, he needs to stop him before it is past the point of no return. Santa Clause advises Kulkarni that Dattu left home. Kulkarni says its an uplifting news and requests him to assemble all townspeople and even Shastri at Dwarkamayi.

Uma irately strolls to Latha mausi and reprimands her for Dattu going out. Latha asks her clarify in detail, and she says Latha uncovered before entire town that Dattu was found on sanctuary steps and is a weight on them, Dattu accepted and left home She reviles Latha that even her granddaughter ought to act with her comparatively. Sai enters halting Uma and says a mother’s revile can demolish the world, she ought not utter a word out of resentment which will hurt others, even Latha did same out of frustration and is apologizing. Uma argues Sai to get back her Dattu something. Sai leaves saying he will accomplish something.

Precap: Kulkarni hollers at Sai that his expectation fizzled and Dattu left home, presently he is playing game to shroud his fact. Sai turns shells and Duttu comes back to a similar spot where he left.


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