Mere Sai 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Illegal Demand


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Rao Saheb purchases godadi/covers from Upasana and pays her 10 rs. Upasana thinks back Sai’s words to leave her feelings of dread to god, expresses gratitude toward Rao Saheb, advises Baizamaa that she will give this cash to Kulkarni sarkar and leaves. She pays 10 rs to Kulkarni and inquires as to whether she will get some an opportunity to reimburse her sibling’s credit. Kulkarni thinks he needs to rebuff her for her sibling’s mix-up and allows her 1 day to reimburse credit. Upasana asks how might she reimburse credit in 1 day. Kulkarni says her sibling offended him and even her dad tested that Kulkarni couldn’t make her child an advodate, yet he will, so on the off chance that she doesn’t reimburse credit by tomorrow, he will takeover her dad’s home. She says its treachery. He says she is talking like Sai, on the off chance that she doesn’t reimburse credit, he will bring his goons and get her dad ousted from his home. Upasana argues Sai what will happen now. Sai in Dwarkamayi says Upasana needs to compensate for Dashrath’s wrongdoings.

A man advises his significant other that he wants to welcome Sai to their home. Spouse says not to as Sai may look for a noble cause from them and they don’t have anything to give. Man says Sai never asked foundation from them till now and may not by any means today. He welcomes Sai to his home saying he is poor and may flourish with Sai’s gifts. Sai strolls into his home and inquires as to whether he won’t give any foundation. Spouse asks what will they give Sai now. Man culls pumpkin from his garden’s pumpkin vine and offers it to Sai. Sai strolls to vine and saying its very beautil deroots it. Spouse says this vine was their methods for living, what will they eat now. Sai leaves reciting Allah Malik Hai. Spouse asks what will they do now. Child recommends to proposes to resow vine. Man concurs and burrows ground and finds a pot brimming with coins. He and spouse express gratitude toward Sai. A kid strolls in with compost and educates that Sai sent it for pumpkin vine. The two of them genuinely express gratitude toward Sai. Sai says one gets according to their reasoning.

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Upasana strolls on road figuring in what manner will she reimburse remaining sum, for what reason did Samrat act up with Kulkarni and expanded her difficulty.

Precap: Samrat takes jewlry from sanctuary. Megha sees him and educates individuals, individuals run behind him, yet Sai shrouds him.


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