Mere Sai 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Upasana To Repay Kulkarni’s Loan?


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Upasana in the wake of getting Dashrath treated reveals to Sindhu that she will leave now. Sindhu says tghis is her home. Upasana says she wouldn’t like to expand baba’s difficulty and leaves taking a gander at Dashrath. Dashrath feels regretful and cries tears. Kulkarni with his hirelings comes to outside Dashrath’s home and asks Upasana where is her sibling. Upasana says he has gone out. Kulkarni says he will gather his cash from Dashrath. Upasana argues that she will reimburse his credit as her dad got disabled assault. Kulkarni says every one of his account holders get loss of motion subsequent to obtaining cash, its 50 rs and not 1-2 rs. Upasana argues tghat she will reimburse him by one way or another and not to upset her dad. Santa Clause cautions Upasana to clear out and attempts to slap him, however himself gets harmed. He hollers that this young lady blacked enchantment. Kulkarni says this young lady didn’t do anything, Sai has come. He turns and sees Sai coming.

Sai strolls to Kulkarni and requests to trust Upasana as she is promising to reimburse him. Kulkarni cautions to avoid it, in what capacity will Upasana pay advance, he will takeover Dashrath’s home. Sai says he is mukhiya of Shirdi and ought to be indulgent. Sai says where there is a will, there is a way, he should give her some time. Tatya likewise joins and says Kulkarni should give Upasana some time and he can’t grab her home simply like that. Kulkarni says its an issue of 50 rs and if Upasana can pay 10 rs by tomorrow, he can consider saving her some time. Sai concurs, and Kulkarni leaves. Upasana asks in what manner will she mastermind 10 rs by tomorrow night. Sai requests to believe god and keep planning godadi at whatever point she discovers time.

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Around evening time, Upasana gets engrasped in thought while sewing godadi. Rambha sees her and inquires as to whether they can help Upasana by loaning her cash. Baizamaa says there is no requirement for that. Upasana pricks needle accidentally. Baizamaa races to her. Upasana asks in what manner will she orchestrate 10 rs by tomorrow night. Baizamaa says she should trust Sai and when is stating that, she need not stress.

Next morning, Rao Saheb Sathi comes to Dharamshala and gets upbeat seeing Megha serving individuals. He thinks back Megha loathing low position individuals previously and now blending with them, considers him and says Sai’s gifts are dealing with him. Megha says he is fortunate to have 2 masters. Rao Saheb says its all Sai’s desire and he brought Megha here. Sai strolls in saying whatever occurs, god does, he didn’t do anything. Rao Saheb genuinely welcomes him. Sai says let us build up Shivling and sets up it. Everybody celebrate. Meghna performs pooja and serves aarti to everybody. After pooja, Rao Saheb reveals to Sai that his followers are all around the globe and visit him normally, this Dharamshala is exceptionally little, so he needs to fabricate another for him. Sai concurs. Rao Saheb says he will purchase land and begin building it. Sai concurs. Rao Saheb says its wintertime and he needs to disseminate covers among poor, asks Tatya where would he be able to get quality covers. Baizamaa says her home and inquires as to whether she is correct. Sai says mother can’t not be right and asks Rao Saheb to go with Baizamaa to her home.

Precap: A man demands Sai to visit his home. Sai visits and asks good cause, sees vine and saying its delightful deroots it. Man’s mom cries for what reason did he do that as vein was their methods for living.


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