Mere Sai 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Unique Help For Upasana


Mere Sai 11th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Sai illuminates Tatya that he is going to rest and not to let anybody upset him. Tatya says he generally helps individuals swearing off his wellbeing, on the off chance that he is okay. Sai says he is fine and shouldn’t be upset. Tatya concurs. Sai takes rest. Upasana with Sindhu’s assistance brings Dashrath on truck and calls Sai. Tatya says Sai is resting. Upasana says consistently helps individuals, what befell him now. He says Sai advised not to upset him. Tatya says there is a vaidya in Dharamshala and she can look for his assistance. Upasana pulls truck towards Dharamshala. Tatya thinks Sai is thinking something, else he never sends individuals without making a difference. He sees Sai remaining behind him and says he ought to have called Upasana. Sai says he knows. Tatya inquires as to for what reason didn’t he treat Dashrath. Sai says when somebody is visually impaired in pomposity and recognizes little girl and child and wouldn’t like to listen anybody, it is better not to support him. He proceeds with his good gyaan.

Upasana takes incapacitated Dashrath to vaidya. Vaidya checks Dashrath and says his treatment is conceivable with swarnabhasma blended prescription and it will cost 17-18 rs. Upasana thinks she accepted just Sai and thinks back Sai’s skilled parcel. Sindhu asks where is she going. Upasana reminds her Sai’s given bundle requesting that her open it when on the off chance that she needs it most. Sindhu says Upasana endured so a lot, and still, after all that she didn’t open it. Upasana says nothing is a higher priority than baba’s life. She arrives at home and opens bundle, cash tumbles from it. Upasana expresses gratitude toward Sai. Sai says one who helps other people is extremely incredible.

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Megha comes back to Sai and says he drew trishul on divider according to Sai’s structure, what should he do straightaway. Sai says tolerance and asks Tatya and Megha to make light string. He at that point plays bansuri while Upasana gets drug and feeds it to Dashrath and back rubs his deadened and feet. A Sadhu strolls into Dwarkamayi and inquires as to whether Sai Baba remains here. Tatya focuses at Sai. Sai welcomes him. Sadhu says he is coming back from Kashi where a holy person gave him a blessing and requested to offer it to Sai. He takes out blessing from his sack and offers it to Sai. Sai expresses gratitude toward him and opening material sees shivling. He at that point endowments it to Megha as he most likely is aware he cherishes asking Shivji and playing out shivling’s pooja. Megha expresses gratitude toward Sai, says he will supplicate shivling his entire life and Sai baba ought to set up it. Sai concurs and requests that he welcome Rao Bhahadur Sathi Ji.

Precap: Kulkarni asks Upasana being a young lady in what capacity will she pay his obligation. She says its not his concern. Santa Clause slaps her and gets her. Sai comes to Upasana.


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