Manmohini 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Sunanda Discovers Baba Is Kamal


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Ananya’s arm drain yet she doesn’t move. Sunanda acknowledges rout. She moves her face and addresses Ananya that she can’t trick her by a lethal face. She should find a workable pace a bandage, else she may bite the dust. Ananya still doesn’t move. Sunanda inquires as to whether she is partial to kicking the bucket, she with either bite the dust or wake up. She picks the blade once more. Shiv felt awful. Sunanda was going to hit her chest with the blade yet Shiv shouts to stop her. Shiv says Gauri is here. He can hear her anklet. Sunanda and Amar turn towards the entryway. Gauri goes into the room. Ananya thinks where another Gauri originated from. It was Kamal under the cloak. Shiv looks towards Amar, ideally. Amar goes to Sunanda and questions her. Sunanda had tested that this time she won’t be refuted. Sunanda was astounded. Amar says right off the bat she meddled his profound contemplation, at that point hurt Ananya till dying. He slaps Sunanda. Sunanda demands Amar to open his eyes and see the extortion he is looking by Baba. Amar slaps her again with the goal that she falls on the floor. Amar accuses that she would never observe him cheerful, Sunanda looks from the floor under the shroud and notification it wasn’t Gauri yet Kamal. She attempts to tell Amar yet he pushes her outside the room, driving her to a dull room. Shiv and Kamal follow. Amar says he can’t murder her since she is a witch, however starting now and into the foreseeable future she will live right now. Her association from external world are cut. Sunanda continues arguing Amar, who takes Shiv and Kamal along.

Mishra ji hiccups uproariously and thinks Sunanda must be missing him. Rekha says there is in no way like that. Ketki accompanies the news that Amar secured Sunanda a room. She and Rekha bother Mishra ji that his Guru is no more. Rekha discloses to Mishra ji to proceed to get her photograph also, they need to see her affliction. Ketki recommends he should take sweet and products of the soil.

Shiv brings Kamal to the room. Kamal was strained under the cloak. Shiv gets him a glass of water. Ananya had come to outside the room and snickers as Shiv reassures Gauri. Shiv consoles she is protected until Shiv is there as her companion. Kamal was stunned at this. Shiv offers Gauri an embrace and opens his arms. Ananya giggles from the entryway.

Sunanda considers Kamal under the cover. She was incensed about being bolted. Mishra ji comes disheartened. Sunanda calls his name and requests that he plan something for open the room. Mishra ji inquires as to whether she has gone insane, Amar may execute him. Sunanda says then he should cautiously tune in to what she says. Sunanda reveals to Mishra ji it appears Kamal has returned as Babbu Baba, they just need to demonstrate this. He should do as she has let him know. Mishra ji leaves.

Shiv remains with his arms open for Gauri. He chuckles that she herself requested the embrace, at that point bashful herself. Shiv says when she gave him this embrace, it felt extremely decent. Kamal felt incensed. Shiv says it appeared somebody near him was still here. Shiv offers to close his eyes, and she can embrace him. Ananya takes the risk and supplant Kamal, driving him outside. Kamal circumspectly leaves. Shiv at last opens his eyes. He says it appears she is very strained by whatever happened to her; he considered calming her. It’s okay. He realizes she is fasting and can’t talk. He goes to leave. Ananya holds his hand to stop him. She goes towards the mirror, grins pondering Shiv and her romantic tale; at that point composes on it utilizing the lipstick ‘she needs an embrace of companionship as a legitimate’. Shiv opens his arms with a grin. Ananya embraces him.

Kamal attempts to carefully escape in the passage. Sunanda gets him by placing a rope in his neck through the window. Sunanda says Babbu Baba should now conclude Amar will do to him, when he think about them. Kamal falls black out. Ananya carries a wooden stick to hit her hand and extras Kamal, leaving the window side. She comes into Sunanda’s room, tosses the wooden stick on the floor close by and pushes her down on floor. She says she can’t hold a hand over her. Regardless of step, yet she is a little girl. She cherished Sunanda more than her genuine mother. Be that as it may, the man, whom she played for his lifetime, holds an option to vindicate her. Today, there is an opportunity and even she won’t stop him today. She permits Kamal to vindicate her, of what she did to him for quite a long time. Kamal pulls Sunanda up and reviles that he had a favorable opinion of her. He smacks her all over various occasions. Ananya says she is enamored with rushing to Amar on every unimportant issue. She should now proceed to disclose to Amar that Ananya and Gauri are single, and Kamal is Babbu Baba. She wish to check whether Amar acknowledges her. They made circumstances with the end goal that even her reality appears to be a lie to him. Amar now detests her. It was Sunanda’s year’s long difficult work. Initially, she had lost her forces, and now foot man has additionally lost. Mishra ji takes their consideration. He had been shooting this in a video on his mobile phone. He says he got the evidence now. He will handily battle and dominate this match now. He plays the video.

Amar was going through the passageway. He sees the entryway of Sunanda’s lock up room open. He addresses who is sufficiently challenging to open the entryway, in any event, when he had taboo. There, Kamal yells at Mishra ji. Mishra ji says Amar won’t disapprove of the video recording in which they acknowledged their wrongdoing. Sunanda grins, its check and mate. They hear Amar’s strides. Kamal runs from the room. Mishra ji follows Kamal. Ananya grasps a sword and imprints a cut on her tummy. Amar goes to the room. Sunanda advises Amar to see, this is Ananya and Gauri; else how is Ananya here, remaining before him. Ananya falls on the floor, oblivious. Amar shouts out of his consideration. Amar rushes to Ananya. Sunanda shouts of destruction as she recognizes the blade close to Sunanda’s feet. He attempts to wake Ananya.

Baba runs into the room and says this is the thing that he dreaded. This witch couldn’t separate the two, and along these lines slaughtered Ananya. He reveals to Amar that despite Amar’s well-wisher, she is his greatest adversary. Amar solicits Sunanda how Ananya turned out from her room, he had prohibited anybody to open the entryway of the room. Baba says Sunanda had brought Ananya here on will. This witch couldn’t bear Ananya and Amar’s closeness. Witches aren’t faithful to anybody. This witch may sell out him even to a great extent, and can attempt to grab his forces also. Sunanda assaults on Kamal and attempts to quiet him down. Amar asks what Sunanda knows; that Ananya is Gauri and Baba is Kamal. Sunanda says yes. Mishra ji comes inside and attempts to demonstrate the video to Amar. Ananya moves a piece, semi-concious. Amar’s consideration was towards Ananya now. He breaks Mishra ji’s telephone.

Amar takes Mishra ji outside the room into the corridor. Mishra ji was mentioning and arguing Amar to hear him out. Amar inquires as to whether he opened the entryway of Ananya’s room. Mishra ji answers yes he did. Amar tosses his capacity ball towards Mishra ji, consuming him alive. Baba had conveyed Ananya outside. Mishra ji’s body was scorched to remains. His family grieves over the cinders. Amar grins and tosses the cinders in air. Everybody stood quietly.

Amar says, it’s currently Sunanda’s turn. His little mummy, his supposed Guru is nothing. He consumed Mishra ji right in front of her and she stood powerless. He was her manikin and lost his life. Presently, she should avoid every other person. Babbu Baba is there for Ananya. Sunanda must let him accomplish his work. She generally loses from him. He figured she will have minimal sense of pride, however he considers what she needs. Sunanda gazes at him. Amar calls Shiv forward. Shiv hands Amar a glass of water.


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