Manmohini 20th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Amar Beaten By Gauri


Manmohini 20th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The scene begins with Kamal and Ananya cheering over their first triumph in their room. They hear Shiv from outside, who was searching for Ananya. Ananya advises Kamal to leave, while she would go to her room as Ananya, before Shiv can ruin their arrangement.

Ananya leaves the room and carefully goes towards her room. Shiv was stating that he will disclose to her reality to everybody today. First floor, Shiv holds Ananya’s hand. Ananya stops a shout by putting a hand all over. She attempts to escape yet Shiv held her and called Amar. Kamal hits Shiv’s head with a container. He feels discombobulated however grips Ananya’s hand by and by. Ananya cuts on his hand and runs upstairs, putting obstacles in Shiv’s way. She doesn’t go to her room. Shiv checks out the room, at that point leaves the passageway. Sunanda stops Shiv in the hall and inquires as to why he is running. Sunanda advises Shiv to proceed to get Amar, while she will deal with Ananya. Baba bounces in her manner yet his mustache turns out and needs to twist. Ananya finds the opportunity to go to her bed. Sunanda monitors outside her room.

In the room, Shiv reveals to Amar that Ananya isn’t in her room. Amar was baffled and cautions Shiv that he will lament this day, whenever refuted today. Sunanda remained outside the room when they break in. Shiv was stunned to see Ananya in her bed. Baba watches this from the entryway. Shiv discloses to Amar that Ananya probably come a few seconds ago. He looks towards Sunanda, however Sunanda says she just held up outside the room. Amar says he has just advised Shiv to avoid Ananya, and smacks him hard on face. Ananya was harmed. Amar utilizes his forces to push Shiv out of the room. Shiv tumbles down on the floor of corridor. Amar evaporates from the room and goes to Shiv. He holds a whip to show Shiv a decent exercise and beats him gravely.

Ketki was moved and weeps for Shiv. Rahul stops her in the room. Amma ji additionally persuades Ketki that Shiv must avoid the issue, Ananya is oblivious for a considerable length of time. Ananya was abrupt this is sufficient at this point.

Sunanda goes to her room. Mishra ji tails him. She was harmed by the sound of consistent beating. She says she has a solitary standard from today, she won’t hinder in any issue. Amar’s hand was halted as Gauri holds the whip from behind. She yells that it’s sufficient, what he thinks about her better half to-be. Imagine a scenario in which she currently beats him. Amar was beaten by Gauri. Amar questions what her identity is, to beat him. He utilizes his capacity yet before he could toss it towards Gauri, Baba stops him. He discloses to Amar that at the present time, she is Shiv’s sweetheart. He should get beaten by her, as a second step of his Tapasia. Each wound he will get from her rope, will be a stage forward towards his adoration. Shiv winces as Amar was being beaten by Shiv. He comes in the center, as Amar’s defender. Amar pushes Shiv aside, and permits Gauri to proceed till she is satisfied. Baba advises Gauri to beat Amar, enough to satisfy his desires. Gauri cries that Amar had beaten Shiv, still he came as his guardian angel. The family had accumulated in the lobby to observe Amar’s torment. Sunanda gets a seat to see the scene. Shiv at long last stops Gauri, and reveals to Baba this is sufficient. Gauri says she just needed a vengeance for him, however Shiv must be on his sibling’s side. Baba and the family scatter.

In the room, Sunanda contemplates Amar. She talks about with Mishra ji that its just Ananya who can cherish Shiv and set out to blend with Amar for him. Mishra ji concurs.

Chaya applied ice pack over Amar’s wounds. He was prepared to do anything for Ananya. Sunanda goes to the room and advises Chaya to leave, she needs to address Amar. She reveals to Amar that he has overlooked he can treat his own wounds. Amar answers, he overlooked due to torment. Sunanda says he is being a blockhead. He got the forces that may trigger war on the planet, he should always remember this regardless. Amar treats his body utilizing his forces. Sunanda discloses to Amar that Baba is just persuading him for bogus acts. Amar says it is his reflection. Last time, Ananya herself came to meet him. Sunanda says that today he was beaten for her, she should be relieved inside and out. He ought to proceed to scrutinize his Baba now


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