Manmohini 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Confesses His Love For Siya


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Siya cries thinking back sentimental minutes went through with Ram and changed new wickedness Rana. Lambi judayiii… .tune… plays out of sight. Rana thinks back Siya disappearing from him and thinks his objective is presently to discover and get her. Vanraj sees Siya sitting without having nourishment and says there are preferable approaches to suicide over being eager. Siya eats nourishment. Kajri exhaust seeing Vanraj’s consideration towards Siya and vapor. In haveli, Mohini reprimands counterfeit Devki dayii/DK for keeping Gangor pooja at haveli without her consent and asks when they didn’t play out any pooja since a year, for what reason did she keep this pooja. DK after a great deal of exaggerating and dramatization says she has welcomed every one of Behramgarh’s ladies for pooja and even Rana’s adoration intrigue/Siya will come, at that point she can without much of a stretch slaughter her.

Kajri illuminates Gulaab that Mohini and DK have sorted out ganghor pooja in haveli following 1 year, so they both ought to visit. Siya says even she will go to pooja and quick. Kajri cautions to set out not quick for Vanraaj. Siya says she will quick for Ram. Vanraj enters and cautions her not to quick for Rana and not to go to haveli for pooja as Mohini and DK have wanted to trap her. Siya stands up to. Vanraj ties her in chains and leaves cautioning Kajri and Gulaab not to let her away. Gulaab says they should free Siya and let her go, they will get free off her for all time. They both free Siya and let her go.

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Vanraaj irately cuts wooden log yelling he can’t let Siya go, yet can’t see her in torment. Raj jyotishji strolls in and cautions him to call Siya’s name with deference as Kunwarrani saa. Vanraaj says for him, she is simply Siya and he adores her. Raj jyotishji cautions him to be in his cutoff points. Vanraaj says he despises Raj jyotishji’s disappointments and reminds that he lost his sister and Raj jyotishji his girl due to Mohini and Rana.

A woman strolls to DK with desserts and salutes her for sorting out pooja following 1 year. She gets some information about Siya. DK says she is up in her room. Lady wavers, however DK says she need not fear. Woman goes to Mohini’s room and gets apprehensive seeing a chudail. Mohini sucks woman totally and swings back to human. Her ghagra paltan group escapes her body and they all stroll to DK and request that her get new young ladies soon before they feel hungry once more. Rana strolls down and says they have not left a young lady in Behramgarh and cautions Mohini to drop pooja.

Precap: During pooja, Ram arranges all ladies to lift their shroud and demonstrate their face. He strolls to Siya and she gets strained.


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