Manmohini 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Ananya Tries To Convince Shiv For Marriage


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Amar minds Ananya they will wed inside five days, and Shiv himself will do their Gathbandan. Ananya pushes him away. She flaunts that till Krishna is there, none can see Draupati’s face, none can contact Sita till Raam is alive; moreover none can wed Ananya till her Shiv is alive.

Radha whines to Amma ji against Ananya as she has an issue with Ketki with Amar. She was irritated and sends Chaya upstairs to tidy up her room

In the room, Mishra ji demands Chaya to free him. Chaya place a condition that he should sing for her. Mishra ji leaps out of the jug when Chaya opens the top. Radha hears Mishra ji’s voice, saying thanks to Chaya. He sings for Chaya and the two of them move together. Radha and Amma ji go to the room. Radha forces Chaya and asks whom she asked before liberating him. Chaya leaves with no word. Radha gripes that Mishra ji has consistently been coquettish. Amma ji chides them to end their own issues, they have those siblings and a witch to deal with. Mishra ji says its critical to bargain the siblings first. Radha concurs that those siblings are a pressing threat.

Shiv thinks about Ananya’s slap and cries. She had cautioned that she would kick the bucket however won’t wed Amar. Ananya comes into the room and holds his hand to take him out. He asks where? She advises his to go.

Amar goes to Sunanda’s room and grips her neck. Amar questions why Sunanda is Shiv’s ally, when she constantly thought about him as child. Sunanda says Shiv has been a steadfast child. She turned the ideal opportunity for her adoration; as a mother, she will turn the entire universe. Shiv and Ananya’s affection is her triumph. Chaya comes as Mohini’s defender, she place a firearm behind Amar and pushes him outside the room. Inside, Chaya shows Mohini it wasn’t a firearm however a wooden pole. Mohini was of view that they should alert Shiv as quickly as time permits. Amar who remained outside says he won’t let Sunanda live for that.

Ananya brings Shiv outside the house, before the sanctuary corner. She was exhausted of going after for their relationship. Shiv demands her to comprehend that their relationship would just be the start of her demise. He can’t be childish to consider himself, and not esteem her life. She should… Ananya quiets down with her hand. She says in the event that Ananya’s name isn’t associated with Shiv, at that point Shiv isn’t legitimate to connect it with another person also. Her chunri falls over Shiv. He wraps Ananya and heads inside.

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Amar had tied Sunanda over a wooden bed. He comes to consume her alive. Sunanda awakens from bad dream. She says Amar can never know her mystery. There in his room, Amar sat with the book with mysteries of witches. He snickers that he presently realizes no one but fire can murder her.

Sunanda goes to Shiv’s room. He lay with his head laying on the bed. Sunanda place a hand over his head. Shiv awakens and was irritated to see her there. Sunanda demands him to hear her out once. Sunanda says the family needs to expel him and Amar, does he care for Ananya. Shiv says he couldn’t care less for anybody and pulls Sunanda outside the room. Sunanda keeps on arguing as she doesn’t need Shiv and Ananya’s affection left unfulfilled like hers. Shiv says he knows Sunanda must have a thought process behind this, yet this time he and Ananya won’t be manikins in her grasp. They were stunned to see Ananya. Ananya comes and demands Sunanda not to hold hands for anybody. Shiv was diminished. Sunanda gives her hand to Ananya and supplicates they end up together consistently. Ananya expresses gratitude toward Sunanda as her boldness invigorates her supporter to battle one more month. Sunanda leaves. Ananya gripes that Shiv can’t see her torment, and tears in her mom’s eyes; she wish it was his mom in her place. Shiv considers how to clarify that the woman isn’t a mother, yet a witch. Ananya demands one can get God with a little take a stab at, vanquishing a fiend is somewhat matter. She demands him to wed her. Shiv advises Ananya to think once where they had been twenty years back, and why they came to here. Ananya was defenseless about Shiv. She says her cherished Shiv wasn’t powerless or terrified of anything, however the one standing right here is just a heap of shortcomings. Shiv was angered that he can’t impart reality to Ananya. May be after Ananya knows reality, she leaves being so obstinate.


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