Manmohini 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sunanda-Amar Hurdle In Devki’s Way


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Sunanda glances through the window of Shiv-Ananya’s room. The telephone chime rings, it was Dai Maa. Sunanda takes the telephone. Dai Maa cautions Shiv that Mohini is Amar’s ally. Sunanda addresses Dai Maa that she is Mohini, her greatest foe; Shiv’s mom and Amar’s Little Mummy. The uplifting news is, Amar doesn’t think about his folks. At the point when she has accomplished her expectations, she will murder Amar too and send his residue. Dai Maa was assaulted this evening, she will unquestionably be murdered and can’t advise anything to Shiv by any means. She will be the victor this time. Dai Maa shouts ‘Mohini!’ Sunanda breaks the sim of Shiv’s telephone and glances through the window once more. Ananya spots Sunanda there. Shiv was curious and inquires as to why she shows up so strained. Ananya thinks about what her mummy was doing in the hallway so late around evening time.

Ananya goes behind Sunanda. Sunanda was concerned that how she will wait Ananya’s scrutinizing on. Amar comes to Sunanda. Sunanda was strained that Devki thinks about everything now and her assault over her was fizzled. Amar discloses to Sunanda that he has settled the issue for Sunanda. He went to Sunanda’s room and discovered Ananya leave the room searching for Sunanda. He hindered Devki’s number on Ananya’s telephone and cut the landline off. Dai Maa chooses to address Amar legitimately. Amar gets Devki’s telephone ringer. Dai Maa discloses to Amar that the witch is utilizing him, she will decimate each and everything. Amar smiles and answers, none has a place with the individuals who double-cross others. She has sold out his Little Mummy for a considerable length of time, and now he will assist his with mothering out. Dai Maa says she will come to Banaras immediately. Amar cautions she won’t return alive at that point. Dai Maa thinks Sunanda turned Behram Garh’s blood truly severe.

Ananya goes to the lobby searching for Sunanda. She discovers Amar there. Shiv fights against eminent loss. Amar strolled as though not in faculties. Shiv shakes Amar. Amar didn’t understand how he was here, he says a lady was attempting to assault him in his fantasies. Sunanda was holing up behind a divider and thinks Amar is reasonable enough and realizes well how to trap Shiv. Shiv guarantees Amar that nothing will hurt him. Amar embraces Ananya and expresses gratitude toward her. Ananya felt awkward, at that point goes searching for her mummy once more. Ketki stops Ananya and inquires as to why she has been meandering around the house so late. Ananya says she went to her better half’s space for some sentiment. Ketki remarks that Ananya is getting a brother by marriage free in bundle. Sunanda goes to the lobby. Ananya asks what she had been doing outside her and Shiv’s room, on the off chance that she was keeping an eye. Sunanda inquires as to why she would. She just woke up and discovered Amar strolling over the house like phantoms; and simply spotted them together. Ananya apologizes for her uncertainty. Sunanda advises Ananya to proceed to rest as its extremely late at this point.

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The following morning, Shiv goes to Amar’s room while he was still snoozing. He takes a gander at Amar’s face and finds a characteristic of cut. He says Amar’s fantasy is by all accounts genuine, and the witch probably attempted to assault him. He should make a move before somebody can hurt Amar. Shiv left. Amar thinks Shiv is so passionate and can be effectively tricked. He did it intentionally so Shiv gets occupied with the witch, and he takes off with Shiv’s Ananya. He longs for himself being with Ananya.

Shiv was caught up with contemplating when Ananya goes to the rooftop. She purposely showers water over Shiv. Shiv doesn’t move. Ananya prods Shiv that she realizes well how to get his considerations. She keeps spreading garments so the water beads showers Shiv’s face. She currently sees Shiv looked incredibly strained. Shiv pivots to leave. Ananya, trying to stop his direction catches herself with the material wire. It was broken, moving Shiv and Ananya on the floor. Amar had recently come upstairs and was chafed to see them together. Amar says Dadi is calling them both first floor. Ananya says they are occupied at the present time. Amar takes off the garments from over them, the garments are wet and they may become sick. Ketki watches this and figures she should get to know Amar. Shiv Ananya still held each other’s hands.

Amar gets a call from Sunanda. Sunanda was strained that Devki has come to Banaras and might come here whenever. Amar was resolved he won’t let her arrive at the house.


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