Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Makes Samar Dance To Her Tune


Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Samar gets ready sustenance for Satya and serves her tending to her as madam. He attempts to sit with her. She cautions dare not to and resemble a worker. On the opposite side, Jaya strolls to Vicky and says his mom is merciless and devilish and illuminates that she heard Akash’s mom disclosing to Akash that Satya consented to acknowledge 2 crores and back off from Sarika’s case. Samar serves nourishment to Satya in lounge. Satya appreciates nourishment sitting on couch and says she needs some diversion and requests Samar to move. Samar moves on she is a little time young lady… tune. Jaya with Vicky comes in and asks what’s going on. Samar requests that her leave, else madam will get irate. Jaya asks madam..what is going on… and advises Samar that Satya has guaranteed Akash’s mom to back off from Sarika’s

case at end minute for 2 crores. Samar is delighted to hear that. Satya denies charge and inquires as to whether he doesn’t confide in her, he can leave with Sarika’s record. Samar argues not to say that, he confides in her. Vicky asks Samar not to trust Satya as she is the cruelest lady he has found in his life. Satya asks who is he and how could he go into his home. She arranges Samar to show them out of house in 2 minutes. Samar says OK madam and argues Jaya and Vicky to leave. Jaya keeps contending not to trust Satya. Vicky inquires as to whether she is cheerful seeing them battle once more. Satya cautions him to get out. Samar sends them out and discloses to Jaya that they don’t have some other go than trusting Satya. She sees his consumed and cut hands from cooking and feels miserable and furious on Satya. Samar keeps running in.

Samar keeps serving Satya and squeezing her feet. Jaya comes back to clinic and cries sitting on seat. Vicky offers her sustenance, however she doesn’t acknowledge it. Judaii… song..plays in the bckground. Samar nods off on lounge chair. Toward the beginning of the day, Satya wakes him yelling in the event that he wouldn’t like to go to Sarika’s court case. Samar quickly awakens and apologizes her. She requests that he clean her room and get ready tea for her soon, she doesn’t care to be late. He complies with her and afterward getting vehicle for her opens front entryway. She shouts she sits in secondary lounge. He drives midway when Satya requests to get him water. He says he overlooked and she can have water in court as they are getting late. She requests to turn around vehicle towards home. He returns home and gets her water. She says it is cold and she needs warm one. He surges in and get warm water.

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Jaya with family achieves court and once judge comes calls Samar and asks where is he, judge previously came. He says he will reach there in 10 minutes. Judge asks where is Satya devi, she never arrived behind schedule in her life. Jaya says mamma is en route and will reach soon. Judge inquires as to whether she is Satya’s little girl and requests that her call Satya and request to draw near 5 minutes. Satya achieves court and asks Samar to go in. Jaya sees Samar and asks where is mamma. He says she is coming. Jaya sees Satya meeting Akash’s mom and accepting 50 lakhs case and property papers’ satchel.

Precap: Akash in court lies before judge that he needed to give another opportunity to their marriage, however Sarika attempted to murder him. Judge grants Satya to address Akash. Satya says no inquiry. Jaya educates Samar’s family that Satya took cash to lose Sarika’s case.


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