Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Satya Makes Samar Her Slave


Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Jaya does not find Samar in crisis facility and asks with respect to whether she saw Samar. Rama says no. Vicky walks around them and says he has gone to meet Satya. Jaya asks as to for what reason did he go there when he knows Satya’s objectives. Vicky says they don’t have some other decision, nobody however Satya can fight Sarika’s case. In Satya’s home, Samar requests Satya to take Sarika’s case. Satya asks regarding whether he will have tea in his style, she will set it up. He agrees. She serves him ginger tea and says he needs to transform into his slave and needs to conform to her each ask for, if she says get up, he needs to; if she says run, he needs to, etc.. Samar agrees. She demands that he have tea. He picks glass. She demands that he keep it and asks when is case hearing. He says today. She demands to get him case nuances from police central command

inside an hour. He agrees and says okay sasuma. She alerts to state madam. He says yes madam. She demands to run now. He floods towards police base camp.

Samar accomplishes restorative facility and teaches family that sasumaa agreed to fight Sarika’s case. Jaya asks Satya would not agree with no gigantic costs, what did she ask. Samar recollecting Satya’s conditoin says disregard it, he recognized to pay her. Akash’s mother peeps from his room and instructs Akash that Satya agreed to fight Sarika’s case for goliath costs. Akash cautions that Satya is the best lawyer in city, by and by Suranas will pay a little indicate Satya and won’t give them 5 crores.

Restorative guardian enlightens Surana family that Sarika is attentive now. Family walks around her room. She continues crying that she is straightforward. Samar says he knows and Satya has assented to fight her case. He exits. Jaya asks with respect to whether he is sure to take Satya’s help. He says yes and says he needs to rush to police base camp and get case nuances. He accomplishes police base camp where agent influences him to sit tight for long. Screen goes aside and calls Satya who demands that he keep Samar sitting tight there for some extra time.

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Akash’s mother accomplishes Satya’s home and asks about whether she can come in. Satya impacts her to sit. Mother says she knows Akash is faking, so if she doesn’t recognize Sarika’s case or loses it, she will get 1 crore. Satya asks as to for what reason should she do that. Akash’s mother agrees that Akash married Sarika for money, anyway after last event they are talking about just partition, so they need money harshly. She continues with that Satya was insulted by Suranas beore and even lost her young lady in perspective on Samar, so she ought to convey retaliation from them. Satya says 2 crores. Mother says it is too much, yet will pay once case is done. Satya says she should pay 50 lakhs cash and home advance her home papers consequently of 1.5 crores and once she gets 1.5 crores will return papers. Mother agrees and leaves. Samar returns and is intrigued to see Akash’s mother going out. He walks around and gives case records. She says he is 30 minutes late and should bear discipline. He asks with respect to whether she mentioned assessor to keep him delayed. Satya says he knows her well and prompts that Akash’s mother had come and offered her 2 crores to pull back case, yet she values seeing him suffering than winning 2 crores. He offers thanks toward her for not enduring offer and asks what he should do now. She demands to clean the house and cook for her.

Akash’s mother returns to therapeutic facility and teaches Akash that Satya assented to lose Sarika’s case at end minute for 2 crores. Akash gets happy. Jaya passes by and is staggered to hear their talk.

Precap: Satya says Samar that she needs preoccupation with sustenance, so he should move. He proceeds onward She is a network young woman… tune. Vicky and Jaya enter.


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