Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay’s Pleasant Encounter


Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Suryabhan and Maharaj Dhritrashtra sitting in the pool and talking about the cricket coordinate. They ask which will be the propitious day. Maha mantri checks the grahs position and gives the mahurat following 3 days. Maharaj says its Gandhari’s birthday moreover. Suryabhan says you will lose on her birthday. Maharaj cautions him. They contend.

Gandhari asks Daasi to come. She tumbles down. She does the puja. Albert lies that his name is Damodar. Gandhari asks Dev to offer visual perception to Maharaj, favor him. Albert takes two oranges. Gandhari tells about the planetary position. He comes up with rationalization and goes. Sanjay trains Maharaj and everybody for the cricket coordinate. Maharaj says I will oversee it. Sanjay says you need to show collaboration. Albert calls Sanjay. Sanjay says I m making them practice. Albert says we can make dark gap following 3 days, we can return later on.

Sanjay joyfully kisses him. Shakuni chuckles and insults Sanjay. He says Maharaj is visually impaired, it doesn’t imply that we as a whole are visually impaired. Shakuni says get her wedded to me. Sanjay says overlook it, I need to proceed to make them practice. Suryabhan likewise rehearses with his warriors. Senapati guides him. Shakuni comes to him. He says I have a plan to guarantee your triumph. Suryabhan says I knew it. Albert sees the individuals wagering on both the Maharaj’s triumph. He thinks what hogwash is this. He checks his telephone and messages Sanjay… we will lose, coordinate is fixing, returned.

The individuals begin battling. Sanjay and Shakuni come there. Sanjay inquires as to for what reason did you call me here. Albert says coordinate is fixed, Suryabhan is going to win, accompany me, leave this. Sanjay says I didn’t do anything great in my life, Lord allowed me to accomplish something useful just because, I can’t leave Maharaj’s trust. He goes to Maharaj. Both the groups go after the cricket coordinate. Sanjay says we will hurl and discover who will play first. Suryabhan says I will do the hurl and choose. He wins the hurl. Everybody applauds. Maharaj says you have cheated. Suryabhan says no, everybody has seen it. Maharaj says I didn’t see. Suryabhan says fine, you do it. Maharaj says fine, I will do the hurl. Suryabhan says I have won now, I will play first. Maharaj says he tricked me. Sanjay says you can’t do blowing away in the first. Maharaj says I can’t sit that way. Sanjay says fine, you will simply get one over.

Maharaj does the bowling. Suryabhan hits a sixer. Sanjay guides Maharaj. Shakuni and Sanjay likewise do the bowling. Suryabhan and his Senapati bat well and make 300 runs. Maharaj tumbles down after a ball hits his head. Shakuni goes to toss the last ball. Sanjay stresses seeing the scores of Suryabhan’s group. Albert calls Sanjay. Sanjay pursues him. He asks what is this show. Albert says he will hijack you. The man shoots bolt. Sanjay and Albert flee. The men get Sanjay and beat him up. Sanjay yells run, police. He pursues misdirecting them. Albert additionally runs. Bhaag… plays… . Sanjay crashes into a pretty young lady and gets grinning seeing her. Tumhe jo maine dekha… .plays… . The men come and catch him.

Precap: Maharaj does the batting. Sanjay says let me go, I will miss the dark gap. Albert sits tight for Sanjay.


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