Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanjay Proposes A Cricket Match Instead Battle


Maharaj Ki Jai Ho 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Maharaj serving Aamras to Acharya ji. He asks Acharya not to leave his post. Acharya gripes about Yuvrajs pointing their bows at Vidya’s home, Vidya’s rooftop poor down. Maharaj says young men become familiar with along these lines. Acharya tells that its a matter of concern. Maharaj asks who will show their arrow based weaponry now. Acharya keeps the acquiescence and yells a debt of gratitude is in order for the Aamras. He leaves. Maharaj yells to chasten him. Senapati says leave it, he would have left the cutoff points at this point. Maharaj asks by what method will the new Acharya come. Pastor says all the Acharyas has originated from outside, figure who can do it. Shakuni gets leaving. Maharaj says Shakuni…

Sanjay is with Dr. Albert. He sits eating orange. He inquires as to for what reason did you become Daasi, not a trooper. Albert says they respect you God sent, however they would have murdered me, mother and father needed me to turn into a researcher and I have become. Sanjay inquires as to for what reason did you make the dark opening. Albert says the trial floundered and it got made, I can’t reveal to you anything. Sanjay says you know the issue, Kauravas and Pandavas can slaughter us. Albert says I need to make the dark opening once more. He runs out. Sanjay pursues him.

Shakuni sees Albert and grins. Sanjay says its nothing such. Shakuni says I m trying to say her. Sanjay says its in no way like that. He goes with Shakuni. He says Maharaj can’t see, you won’t disclose to him anything. Shakuni asks how could you trap the Daasi in affection. Sanjay says no, she resembles my sibling, I mean sister. Shakuni says I have discovered a decent instructor, Sanjay can show the Yuvrajs. Maharaj asks the equivalent. Shakuni says Sanjay is the best instructor. Sanjay says don’t inconvenience me. Maharaj asks Sanjay to show the children.

Sanjay goes to the children and sees them battling. He prevents Kauravas and Pandavas from battling. He says I m your educator from today, I will prepare you, read this letter. The children come to peruse. They hold Sanjay’s leg. Somebody looks on and goes.

Shakuni becomes inebriated and hits the dance floor with Albert. Tumko paya hai to… .plays… .. The witness comes and says you were correct, Sanjay can’t deal with the rulers, the thought has worked, presently Sanjay will escape the region. Shakuni takes Maharaj and group to show Sanjay, not ready to oversee kids. Maharaj says however you prescribed him. Shakuni says you were demonstrating a lot of trust on him, you simply observe him every so often excuse him from the regal court. They see Sanjay playing with the children. Maharaj asks Shakuni what is he seeing, everything is leveled out here. Shakuni sees his witness. Sanjay comes to Maharaj and says we are playing cricket, I figured they ought not battle and play cricket, its good times. Maharaj says then we will likewise battle.

Suryabhan inquires as to whether the fight will be intriguing or not. Senapati says it depends whether we get some good times. They go to the war zone. They are approached to come tomorrow. Suryabhan says we are not homeless people, advise Maharaj to desire the fight. He asks Senapati to go quick and come. Maharaj goes for the cricket match-up. He says I will play now. Sanjay guides them. Suryabhan looks on from far. He sees his Senapati playing with them. He yells Senapati, what’s going on. Senapati says cricket match-up is going on. Suryabhan says assault on Maharaj. Sanjay stops him. Suryabhan asks Maharaj for what valid reason is he playing cricket by acting like a quitter, rather coming in the war zone. Sanjay requests that they have a cricket coordinate, Suryabhan can crush Maharaj in the game. Suryabhan concurs. Sanjay says we will have a 20 over match. Both the Maharajs concur.

Precap: The cricket coordinate goes on. Sanjay comes there. Suryabhan looks on. Everybody applauds both the groups.


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