Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Maira Creates A False Story About Preeta


Kundali Bhagya 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Maira discloses to Preeta that she pushed Mahesh’s wheel seat. He was unconscious she had come as a passing heavenly attendant of Mahesh. Preeta attempts to slap Maira however Maira takes steps to try and slaughter her. Shrishti comes as Preeta’s guardian angel. Shrishti was incensed and stops that they will carry her genuine face to everybody now. Maira snickers considering it a joke, as Preeta’s own face is an affront at this moment. Today, Preeta sits in her own home. She wish to realize Preeta’s arrangement to uncover her. Maira says she has guaranteed everybody that Preeta did everything to Mahesh. They all trust her also. She had constantly considered Preeta an astute individual, and never disclosed to her anything besides’ here Preeta is. She compromises that any individual who attempts to divide her and Karan will share same closure.

Mahesh had been recuperating step by step, and it was hazardous for her and Sherlin both, they needed to design this. Shrishti additionally hinders to carry her existence to everybody now. Maira says regardless of what they state or do, the Luthra family think of them as both the greatest foe. They have a hard karma. Preeta advises her to quiet down, such selling out isn’t good karma. Maira discloses to them that she is wedding Karan today around evening time. On the off chance that she doesn’t arrive at home in some time, Luthra’s will imagine that Preeta captured her and will send police to look through their good house. Shrishti now yells at Maira once more. Maira slaps her and advises her to mind herself. She says she has portrayed the story to them, about the Luthra family. She no more consideration what they do. She says it’s a major wedding today, she can’t welcome them however will doubtlessly share the recordings and photographs. She leaves. Shrishti tosses a shoe behind Maira.

In the lobby, Kritika discloses to Karina that Maira is no place to be seen. Karina was concerned consider the possibility that something incorrectly happened to her. Preeta has again welcomed sick destiny to their family on her arrival. Preeta is savvy enough to design things against their family constantly, as she did on this Holi. At that point she pushed Mahesh into the mishap and now Maira. She thinks about what Preeta needs. She comprehends that Preeta doesn’t need Karan to wed anybody. She views herself as Karan’s better half, and wish an offer in the property. She considers how Preeta came to think about the date of wedding. There must be somebody in the family going about as a government operative to Preeta. Sherlin makes the most of Rishab’s weakness and smiles that Karina has consistently been in support of her. Karina has done what she generally wished to complete. She didn’t need Preeta to arrive at this house, so Karina halted her. Karina consistently moves on her fingers. She has taken care of toxin against Preeta in her heart. She presently comes to Karina and says that is valid, Preeta doesn’t need them to wed. Preeta has done everything adroitly. It appears Maira’s life is in harm’s way.

Karan goes to see Maira at the entryway. Everybody move to her, concerned. Sherlin asks Maira where she had been. They know Preeta attempted to hurt her. Maira was quiet. Karan advises Maira to make some noise, what had occurred. Rakhi advises Karan to quiet down. Sherlin thinks Karan must not quiet down, he will talk a great deal now. His indignation will presently consume everything. Maira quietly believes that everybody considers Preeta wrong, she should exploit this right now.

Rishab advises Maira not to be frightful. Maira answers, she doesn’t need any of them strained. Rakhi says Maira resembles her little girl. Maira says wedding Karan is by all accounts a test. She got an approach which a young lady called her to a close by café, as Karan needed to meet her. Karan contends that he more likely than not met Maira at home. Maira qualifies she hadn’t contemplated it. Close to the eatery, she got another call from Preeta. Preeta took steps to clear her off her direction. She drew nearer in a truck with a truck-driver; she needed to run and break the endeavor. She came to here with much trouble.

Karina faults Karan and Rishab for continually reassuring Preeta. She sends Kritika to call security head.

Sherlin supplements Maira quietly.

Karina shows the photographs of Sherlin and Preeta to security head and alerts that they should not come into the house. She had ensured that Preeta must not come into this house. She generally ruin the elements of the family’ yet today Karan must wed Maira.


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