Kundali Bhagya 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maira Is Kidnapped For Trying To Help Preeta


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Rishab clarifies that she stood firm for her little girl so for what reason would they be able to stand firm for their child, he says that he felt terrible when they didn’t utter a word and he wouldn’t like to train anybody however realizes that his sibling is an adult individual and can do all that he wishes so they won’t stop him on the off chance that he needs to meet Preeta. Risahb says to Sherlin that she asked Sameer for what reason he exhorted him yet he needs to clarify that there is no such thing and the whole show was on the grounds that he didn’t need anything incorrectly to occur with Karan so can’t hear anything against Karan, he leaves after which Ramona thinks about what she can do to make Preeta leave from her girl’s life on the grounds that at exactly that point would she be able to wed karan.

Preeta asks karan the amount she intends to him as this can be the main explanation he is helping her, he clarifies that a few answers are effectively yet are not given, she at that point asks him a second inquiry which is on the off chance that he is wedding Maira, at that point he clarifies that it is equivalent to the amount he confides in her, he gets a call from Maira yet then the monitor discloses that he needs to head outside in the event that he wishes to accept the call, Karan is chatting with Maira asking where she is to which she clarifies that she has gotten late however will come actually soon as she is additionally mindful of the amount it intends to him that Preeta gets free, at that point she begs him to converse with her as there are a few young men pursuing her, at that point the auto driver makes a run for it and spares Maira, Karan likewise chooses to pursue her as she will be in a difficult situation, the vehicle is continually pursuing Maira who is in the auto, they are attempting their best to run from them yet the vehicle at long last stops them and they by and by make a run for it, Maira prompts the auto driver to make a run for the police headquarters.

Karan approaches Ramona for the secret key to Maira’s telephone, she is reluctant yet at last concurs when she perceives how strained he is, and still, at the end of the day he doesn’t disclose to them anything and leaves. Karan leaves in a surge which makes everybody wonder where he is going.

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The auto driver stops the auto as an afterthought and afterward demands Maira to get out as else it will be extremely hazardous for him yet Maira demand him to remain then when the goons show up she takes cover behind the truck, at that point escapes when she gets an opportunity.

The woman constable brings water for Preeta, she encourages her to not stress as everything will be okay and the main thing which she ought to have faith in is god, the controller seeing her calls her to go with the legal advisor.

Karan tracks the telephone of Maira however is stunned to see that she is stowing away in an area where there are just stockrooms, she chooses to call Karan yet frenzies and afterward calls him clarifying that she is being pursued by certain goons who appear to be exceptionally risky thus she begs him to come and protect her as else it will be extremely dangerous, he encourages all her the telephone in her grasp as he will follow it and go to her, Maira is gotten by one of the goon who puts his hand on her mouth, they are not in any case terrified of Karan’s dangers, which leaves karan truly stressed.

Shrishti is calling Karan yet it isn’t interfacing, Sarla comes getting some information about Karan to which she clarifies that it isn’t associating then is truly strained, she says that she ought not have trusted karan as he is extremely unreliable.

Maira is taken inside a stockroom, she slaps the pioneer inquiring as to for what reason did they show their face as then karan would get inquisitive and might get them, they apologize clarifying that they did all that they could to make it genuine as she was the one to pay them then she requests her telephone requesting them to watch out for the environment.

Maira calls Sherlin who is in the court, at that point she asks what’s going on, Sherlin asks where she is to which she clarifies that she has been abducted by certain goons, Sherlin gets stressed however then Maira specifies that they all were her kin and are working for her, she arranged this all as she didn’t know about karan and felt that he may leave her once Preeta is discharged from Jail, so she arranged her capturing and played all the cards to make it look as though it was all genuine, and even got slapped by one of the criminals to make it look more genuine, Sherlin is likewise intrigued by her arrangement and the two of them chuckle while chatting on the telephone.


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