Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea Emotionally Blackmails Saloni


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The scene begins with Rhea coming to Ranbir and telling that she heard that he brought blossoms for somebody. Ranbir says no and asks who let you know. Prachi is going to leave and her hand contacts Rhea unintentionally. Rhea stops her and contends with her. She says you will get acclaimed in the event that you battle with me. Ranbir asks what are you saying? Rhea says shut up. Prachi inquires as to whether I don’t have work. Rhea sees Saloni seeing her and gets strained. She asks Prachi not to crash into her next time .

Abhi takes a gander at the blossoms and purchases for Pragya. He thinks where are you Pragya? I realize you are annoyed with me and not picking my call. He says atleast hear me why I didn’t come to bistro. He says you have gotten difficult and thought not to meet me. He says I am obstinate as well and will meet you. Ranbir solicits Prachi not to feel awful from Rhea’s words. Prachi says don’t get caught between us. He says he is stuck between them. Prachi says our connection isn’t fortunate or unfortunate and tells that my mum said that Rhea resembles my more youthful sister, says we look as of same age. Ranbir gets some information about her age. Prachi says it is terrible habits to get some information about young lady’s age. Ranbir gets some information about his pay. Rhea scans for saloni. Dimpy inquires as to whether Ranbir gave her blossoms. Rhea requests that her shut up. Saloni sees Rhea again and calls Prachi. She says I came to think about that young lady’s name who came to give her cash and requests that her meet her at the rear of the school.

Vikram goes to Pragya’s home and says I need your pardoning as Pallavi got out of hand with you. Pragya says even I was extremely inconsiderate. Sarita behen says wouldn’t you say that Pallavi ought to have come here. Vikram tells that Meera was not well so he came. He says he has a lodging business too which isn’t working out in a good way and tells that Pallavi recommended that he will open a cafeteria and asks Pragya to deal with it. Pragya says cafeteria. Sarita behen says it is yes from my side. Pragya says she needs time to think. Sarita behen says she will be head. Vikram says I will leave. Pragya requests that he have espresso. He says I will be your first client in the cafeteria. He leaves. Sarita behen asks Pragya to bring her masalas from the mehrouli house. Pragya says alright. Abhi goes to the mehrouli house and thinks she brought me here when I was smashed. He figures he will cherish her regardless of whether she is angry with him. He strolls towards the house holding the bunches and inquires as to whether she thinks about the individuals remaining here. The woman says they had sought a couple of days. Pragya comes there in auto, while Abhi converses with her. He sits outside the house on a seat. Dhadak tune plays… ..He leaves the blossoms and goes in his vehicle. Pragya sees the blossoms and kissed it. Abhi is driving the vehicle and gets sorrowful eyes.

Prachi and Ranbir go to the lawn of the school. Ranbir asks where she did follow calling her. They impact and prachi is going to fall. He holds her. Prachi requests that he search that way. Ranbir thinks what is befalling him on this valentine day. Prachi returns to him and says she isn’t there. Ranbir tells that he looked through her. He sprinkles flower petals on Prachi. Prachi gets glad. Ranbir says you prefers downpour, so I thought to make flower petals shower on you. Prachi calls Saloni. Rhea sees them. Ranbir likewise calls Saloni and tells that she more likely than not gone from here. Rhea thinks she was hanging tight for you, yet I preceded you. A fb is appeared, Rhea comes to Saloni. Saloni thinks to deliver retribution from Maya. Rhea says hello there. Saloni requests that her take selfie with her grin and advises that you need to picture his ruin, however you have demonstrated that he is honest by giving me cash. She says you will be uncovered now and tells that she will tell Ranbir. Rhea asks how could you feel when your Rahul left you? She says I can comprehend your sentiments as I am feeling the equivalent. She says Ranbir is a major part of my life like you had Rahul. She says when I can comprehend your emotions then for what reason wouldn’t you be able to. She says Prachi needs to grab Ranbir from me and tells that he had admitted that he cherishes me, however Prachi grabbed him away from her. She says she saw him leaving from her, so she procured Maya to get him, however Prachi isn’t leaving him.

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Saloni says if Ranbir would prefer not to come to you. Rhea says we know since adolescence and says atleast I can attempt to expedite him track. She tells that I never imparted my sentiments to anyone and says I trust that you can comprehend as we both are cruising in a comparable situation. She says I trust that you won’t let Ranbir grabbed away from me. She says I can simply demand you not to interfere with us. She says I would prefer not to affront you by offering cash to you like Maya, says I realize you are especially harmed and forlorn, inquires as to whether she needs her to turn out to be such. She says I can support occasion for you and says might be you can get somebody or Rahul there, as he isn’t dating anyone. Saloni says I will help you as same thing occurred with you as well. Rhea thanks and embraces her. Rhea grins. Saloni asks when you will complete the tickets. Rhea says by tomorrow and asks her not to tell anybody. Saloni says alright and returns home. Fb closes. Rhea thinks you are attempting to take Ranbir from me and taking is terrible, which Saloni likewise comprehended. She says on the off chance that you had left from his life, at that point I would have caused him to get spotless chit, however you… Prachi is making my life troublesome. She says when I spare him then he will understand that I am significant for him. She thinks to get date for court hearing and figures she will break pragya’s fantasy of a decent child in law, as Ranbir will be only hers.

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