Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea Helps Sanju Escape


Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Abhi discloses to Pallavi that it is all Vikram’s flaw, as he left the vehicle at such a spot where entryway was not opening. Vikram says I was embracing my child as I realized that Pallavi won’t let me contact him too. Abhi asks where is the criminologist? Pallavi asks Ranbir to go to room. Ranbir says I am not a child. Abhi says you are a child for your mom consistently. He says remember that you are a hopping kid. He tells that criminologist joseph is coming. Pallavi discloses to Ranbir that she won’t let her go out. Ranbir says we will sit in your room and tells that he can do anything for his mom’s adoration. Pallavi inquires as to whether he don’t see her tears and tells that she will tell his Dida. Ranbir asks her not to advise her and says sorry. He at that point do sit ups. He says I will become rooster and you can make any chicken dish. Pallavi giggles and tells that he will be in the room. She says she don’t believe him and that is the reason she will bolt him. Ranbir requests that her state I love you… Pallavi says I love you. Ranbir says I love you as well… my mom. Pallavi secures him room and goes. Ranbir thinks about Abhi’s words and hops down from his window. Rhea comes there and educates that Dad advised her regarding him. Ranbir says he is occupied and needs to head off to some place critically. Rhea asks where? Ranbir says he is going to look Sanju. Rhea alarms. He inquires as to whether she knows. Ranbir asks her not to tell his mother and goes. Rhea figures you can’t look Sanju.

Abhi converses with the investigator Joseph. Investigator shows him Yuvi’s/Yuvraj chauhan pic and tells that he made Prachi’s MMS alongside two young ladies. He says he will look through them. Rhea hears them. Abhi calls Ranbir and inquires as to whether knows Yuvraj Chauhan. Ranbir says he thinks about in our school, yet isn’t my companion. Abhi tells that two young ladies are associated with him. Analyst says sanju is the genuine offender and he will look through the young ladies.

Pappu and Bittu are discussing Prachi. Rhea calls Pappu and chides him for wandering in her school. She says my father saw you in my school. Sanju says anybody can go there. Rhea says you can’t draw close to Prachi anyplace and educates that her Dad is far fetched regarding him now. She says Yuvi is gotten now and requests that he run. She tells that her father has enlisted an analyst, who is coming behind him. Sanju inquires as to whether she will unnerve him more from the telephone. He discloses to Bittu that Rhea’s father thought about him. Bittu inquires as to for what reason would he say he is frightened? Sanju says in the event that rhea is uncovered, at that point I will be uncovered as well. He says my Prachi will not realize that I am additionally included. He asks Bittu to go and says I will go alone. Rhea reveals to Abhi that he needs to support him and says she will accompany him. They leave. Ranbir is hanging tight outside the school for Yuvi. Prachi reveals to Pragya that Ranbir is far fetched about Sanju. Pragya says Ranbir is correct, presently it is demonstrated that his mom is alive.

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Ranbir sees Yuvi and gets him. He gets some information about the MMS. Yuvi declines for the MMS. Ranbir beats him and requests that he state who was the young lady in the video. Yuvi says my sweetheart Roshni. Ranbir asks what did you get by defaming Prachi’s picture. He inquires as to whether Sanju is included. Yuvi advises that Sanju requested that he make the video. Ranbir requests that he tell everybody so anyone might hear. Yuvi tells that the MMS is of his better half Roshni and him. Sanju comes there. Ranbir sees him and requests that he stop. Sanju rides his bicycle to get away. Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he is running behind Sanju and tells that he got the MMS made with Yuvi’s assistance. He runs behind the bicycle to get Sanju. Pragya requests that driver take them to the school.

Rhea and Abhi are in the vehicle. He gets a call. Rhea requests that he stop the vehicle and go to the call. Abhi says it is dire. He gets a call from his companion and requests that he track Sanju’s area. His companion says he is doing and requests that he pause. Manish tells that Sanju is leaving Delhi on a fast. Abhi requests that he continue checking where is he going? Rhea thinks Sanju may cancel her and switches her telephone. Prachi and Pragya see Ranbir in the vehicle. Prachi calls Ranbir and requests that he stop the vehicle. Ranbir stops the vehicle. Pragya and Prachi sit in Ranbir’s vehicle. Pragya requests that he drive quick. Sanju considers Rhea and discovers her telephone is turned off.

Rhea asks Abhi to drive gradually. Abhi hits Sanju accidently. Sanju thinks who is driving the vehicle aimlessly. He sees Abhi and is going to run. Abhi gets him and beats him. He asks him to state for what good reason did he do this? Sanju says I didn’t do anything. Rhea takes out the keys and tosses out. Abhi makes Sanju sit in the vehicle and requests the keys. He gets down to pick the keys. Sanju hits stone on his head and runs. Rhea yells Dad. She says you are dying. Abhi runs behind Sanju. Ranbir, Pragya and Prachi come there. Ranbir asks would you say you are fine? He runs behind Sanju. Prachi and Pragya additionally tail him.

Precap: Prachi gets some information about her mom. Rhea says she is resting in vehicle. Abhi doesn’t consider her to be Prachi makes her lie on her lap.


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