Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rhea Lies To Abhi, Sarita Behen Misunderstands Prachi And Ranbir


Kumkum Bhagya 11th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Rhea telling that she has an inclination that she has fouled up. Rhea says you are battling with awful individuals, you are battling for your affection and everything is reasonable in adoration and war. She says when you get Ranbir then you won’t feel that you are a trouble maker, however will feel glad that you got him by doing this. Rhea inquires as to whether she isn’t miscreant. Aaliya says yes and asks her not to let anybody state that. She says you are feeble currently, yet become solid. She asks her not to overlook her rationale. She requests that her go with Bhai and ensure that Maya don’t utter a word to him. Rhea says alright and calls Abhi, says she is accompanying him. Abhi says alright fine. He is en route and thinks Rhea trusts Ranbir and adores him, needs to get clear chit for him. Ranbir thinks he is in genuine romance and is anxious to pass on his emotions to her. He thinks he is certain that he needs her in his life more than music and football. Abhi thinks Rhea and Ranbir will be as one in future so he won’t let anybody come in their joy. Prachi asks what does that dessert merchant told that something will happen today. Ranbir says somebody may be going to professional… (propose) simply then an inflatable comes inside the vehicle to Prachi. He requests that her take it. Prachi says it accidently went to her.

Ranbir says he will get it and goes to the flower specialist shop. He requests that the woman take the inflatable which came in his vehicle, however the young lady with him don’t need it. The woman requests that he keep it and provide for the young lady and tells that one day she will end up being your better half. Abhi sees Prachi and thinks where is Ranbir? Abhi purchases blossoms. Ranbir comes to Prachi and requests that her take the inflatable, says he paid for it. Prachi takes it. Abhi goes to maya’s home and requests that her open the entryway. Maya sees Rhea’s message asking her not to open the entryway. Abhi requests that her open the entryway. Maya requests that he go else she will call Police. Abhi says I will give explanation that you have hit the auto. Maya thinks he is furious as though I hit his little girl. Rhea comes to there and thumps on Maya’s entryway requesting that her open the entryway. Abhi says she won’t open the entryway and tells that she got the admonition, gives up. Rhea reveals to Abhi that she came in taxi in a rush and requests that he pay cash. Abhi sees her vehicle there. Rhea gets stunned and left toward the evening.

Ranbir discloses to Prachi that he has never give heart shape inflatable to anybody previously. Prachi says you was rarely genuine. He tells that he has given her heart shape inflatable to a young lady and will advise her exceptionally. Prachi asks who is the young lady? Ranbir says I will reveal to it later. Abhi asks Rhea for what good reason her vehicle is here? Rhea tells that her vehicle halted and needs adjusting, so she left her vehicle here. Abhi inquires as to whether she came to meet Maya toward the evening. He says on the off chance that you don’t let me know, at that point I can discover. Rhea cries. Abhi requests that her state truth and says I know Aaliya is with you. He requests that her come clean with him. Rhea cries. He says you are my solid young lady and princess, requests that her tell. He says I will do everything fine. Rhea says I will let you know.

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Ranbir drops Prachi to her home. Prachi gets down and strolls holding inflatable, while it is going to fly because of the substantial breeze. Ranbir takes a gander at her and grins. Tu thodi der plays… … He requests that her tune in and gets down the vehicle. He at that point expresses gratitude toward her for having frozen yogurt with him. Prachi says I will thank you for causing me to have frozen yogurt. Simply then it begins coming down, Ranbir holds her hand and takes her to vehicle. Prachi’s inflatable flies up. She says my inflatable. He requests that her sit. Prachi says she loves downpour and appreciates the downpour. Tu pehla pyaar hai mera plays… ..He gets down from the vehicle and strolls towards her. She takes the downpour water in his grasp and sprinkles water on him. She is going to fall, however he holds her. Sarita behen sees them together and takes Prachi to home, says it is utmost of impropriety.

Rhea tells that she has done a serious mix-up. Abhi requests that her determine what is happening in her mind. Rhea says in the event that I let you know, at that point you will loathe me. Abhi says I don’t loathe you, I generally love you and will fix everything. He says your senior sister used to call me superman and used to state that I can fix everything. Rhea says she took cash from Aaliya with the goal that she can offer cash to Maya so she takes the case back. Abhi values her for doing this for Ranbir and embraces her. Sarita brings Prachi home and requests that her go to her room. Ranbir comes behind them. Sarita behen requests that he go before she says anything incorrectly. Prachi says you are thinking incorrectly. Sarita behen says whatever I have found in downpour there. Shahana asks what did you see? Prachi says you are mixed up. Ranbir says she fell and I held her. Sarita behen asks will I call your folks here.

Precap: Ranbir inquires as to whether she don’t consider them and tells that he felt something in downpour.


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