Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Chalu’s Clever Ploy


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 7th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Lovleen presents herself as Sikandar Singh Gill’s better half Lovley Singh Gill. Chalu says it implies second spouse, she is Nimrath Singh Gill, Sikandar’s first wife and Kulfi’s mom, presently she will see who will kick her girl out of this house. Lovleen yells at Kulfi that she brought a poor person home and offers Chalu 500 rs and yells at her to leave now. Chalu slaps her and cautions how could she is to offer her pity cash. Lovleen yells Nimrath is dead in a mishap which she did and even went to prison for that. Nimrath says Lovleen was tanked and slammed her vehicle over her and escape from that point leaving her to bite the dust, she was in trance state in an emergency clinic for a year. Lovleen attempts her best to demonstrate she is phony Nimrath. Nimrath yells that her better half is sick, however Lovleen is getting a charge out of gathering here.

Kulfi quietly leaves and searches Sikandar all over the place. She is going to open Sikandar’s room when Amyra stops her and hauling back to party lobby says Kulfi attempted to slaughter baba. Kulfi says baba was fine after medical procedure. Chalu/Nimrath addresses media to get equity to her little girl and let her meet her dad. Correspondents assert Lovleen. Lovleen’s mom irately yells at Chalu and attempts to push h er away. Chalu drives her back and she falls on cake. Chalu insults that she is rebuffed for her transgressions.

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Lovleen says she has Nimrath’s photograph and goes to bring it. Chalu says bring it on the off chance that she truly has. Lovleen look through photograph and doesn’t discover it, understands she tossed path memento with photograph. Chalu/Nirmath cautions that no one can get her and her little girl out of this house. Lovleen terrifies Kulfi and requests to talk truth. Kulfi apologizes god and says Nimrath is her mom. Lovleen says she has one progressively confirmation and brings Sikandar’s sibling. Kulfi gets strained seeing him. Lovleen inquires as to whether this woman is Nimrath. Chalu says he hasn’t seen her by any stretch of the imagination. Sikandar’s sibling says same. Lovleen indignantly sends him away. All visitors leave saying they would prefer not to manage their family show. Lovleen says she will call police. Nimrath says she can call anybody, however can’t get her and her girl out of this house.

Precap: Lovleen challenges Kulfi that she won’t let her meet Sikandar. Chalu hears somebody’s voice in water tap and educates Kulfi distinguishes her father’s.


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