Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Lovleen’s Trump Card


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kulfi strolls into Sikandar’s room. Amyra yells for what reason did she go into Dadda’s room much after her notice and attempts to push her away. Kulfi stops her and cautions that it is likewise her baba’s room and she can’t act up with her senior sister. Lovleen strolls to Amyra. Chalu scrambles for Kulfi’s assistance. Lovleen incites Amyra that Kulfi abuseed her and is terrible in genuine, prior she brought counterfeit Nimrath and now needs to assume all out responsibility for dadda; she will affront these 2 and will show them out of house. Chalu discloses to Kulfi that whatever Lovleen attempts, they won’t go out.

Excellence gives Kulfi and Chalu’s hair tests for DNA testing. Jantar seeing her illuminates Chalu. Chalu requests that he blend the examples. Jandar masked as lab tech blends tests when tech enjoys a reprieve and educates Chalu. Chalu gets upbeat reasoning DNA testing won’t occur now. Lovleen calls lab tech and inquires as to whether her sister Beauty gave Kulfi and Nimrath’s hairs for DNA testing. Tech says tests have been blended, however he will sift through them by means of scanner tag and will give her outcomes by tomorrow. Lovleen says that is alright. Following day, Lovleen insults Chalu that she will be kicked out of this house. Lab tech conveys DNA result. Lovleen with her 2 manikins Beauty and Cutie insult Chalu that she realizes she is phony and will be kicked out in the wake of perusing DNA results. Cutie understands results and stands stunned followed by Beauty. Chalu thinks back Jandar educating that lab tech is sifting through examples by means of scanner tag.

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Chalu says they need to accomplish something and ensure DNA tests coordinate. Jantar says they need Sikandar’s hair test at that point. Kulfi goes to Tauji and solicitations him to tell where baba is, advising that Chalu isn’t her mom and Lovleen is getting hair examined for DNA coordinate. Tauji says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea where Sikandar is, however when he was multi year old, he had developed his hair long and when he demanded to trim them, he had put away them in a collection. Kulfi, Chalu, and Jantar discover hair tests and trade them. Lovleen asks Cutie and Beauty for what good reason they are dumbstruck and stands stunned seeing DNA results coordinating, should she is certain Nirmath has accomplished something. Chalu insults them back and epithets Lovleen’s name aas Fubbly. Magnificence challenges that they every one of the 3 are a group and will show her out. Chalu acknowledges her demand and calling Jantar and Mantar says even they are a group, let us see who will win now. She opens champagne bottle and celebrates.

Magnificence discloses to Lovleen that she didn’t bear such an affront throughout everyday life, they need to discover some approach to demonstrate Nimrath is phony. Lovleen thinks back Kulfi’s mami/auntie Nihalo who is in prison now and abhors Kulfi. She meets Nihalo in prison with a blessing and looks for her assistance. Chalu seeing Kulfi’s trial goes up against Amyra to tell where Kulfi’s dad is and inquires as to whether she knows how it feels when one is isolated from guardians.

Precap: Kulfi illuminates Chalu that she heard Nihalo mami’s voice. Lovleen over telephone asks Nihalo to return home soon and demonstrate that sham isn’t genuine Nimrath.


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