Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Sikander’s Surprise


Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.News

Harsh invites third visitor Usha Uthappa, kulfi and companions persuade one another, mahesh strolls to them, Kulfi and companions takes his endowments, mahesh wishes them karma and says adhere to your nuts and bolts and tunes, brutal invites Sikander Singh Gill on the stage, Kulfi says what Baba, amyra says for what reason is father here he said yes to remain out, in the event that he perceives messy young lady. Mia strolls to Sikander and expresses profound gratitude for tolerating our solicitation on a minute ago, sikander strolls in front of an audience. Kulfi says what will I do now, by what method will sing infront of him, sikander takes a gander at amyra and grins, and signs her to quiet down.

Brutal gets some information about amyra performing, sikander says each member is our future in music and about Amyra she is my life,and music my motivation so they have joined here today, Kulfi begins crying,

what’s more, says even I’m buckling down even I’m your girl and as common you know nothing, harsh welcomes benam bunch in front of an audience. Kulfi solidifies and goes to go in front of an audience, brutal state slips cmon rapidly, Kulfi and companions touch base in front of an audience with mahesh, Kulfi takes a gander at Sikander, amyra sees that and gets frightened.

Usha invites kulfi and gathering, Udit commends them for their advancement in instruments, Kulfi taking a gander at Sikander, unforgiving says we should start the execution. Kulfi starts her execution, sikander endeavors to figure who the lead vocalist is, beautiful and Bebe state it’s Kulfi, mahesh says for what reason did she change the tune, Mia says kulfi and Sikander do have strong association, Usha gets passionate, sikander gets anxious, kulfi takes a gander at him and sings, amyra begins crying. Gathering of people cheer for kulfi, sikander in perplexity how is Kulfi here.

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harsh says incredible, brutal calls mahesh in stage,harsh says kulfi got enthusiastic while she sang she acknowledged sikanders words, how about we take makes a decision about survey, pandit Bhave says it’s a joke, you continue demonstrating me right, you play with raga, this stage isn’t for you, or suppose mahesh didn’t encourage you well, Harsh says pandit is disturbed yet gathering of people looked extremely cheerful, kulfi taking a gander at Sikander,pandit says benam bunch changed the raga which was critical thus they won’t be given scores by me,Udit hinders and says she catch profoundly and didn’t break any rule,pandit says I don’t concur they ought to be disposed of.

Pre top : brutal says how about we see the score for benam,pandit gives a zero.


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