Kesari Nandan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kesari Gets Crucial Clues


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The Episode begins with Kesari and her companions entering the godown. They search for pieces of information. They hear somebody coming and stow away. Kesari thinks to see the police officer’s face once. He switches off the lights and goes. She gets him and hops on his back. She pulls his clump. Zoravar flees from that point. She pursues.

Hanumant asks where is Kesari. He gets her out. Madhavi says she would be home, what occurred. He says a major tempest is going to come, we need to remain alert. He asks Jagat where is Kesari, I need to ask her, where did she get that letter and what else she arrived. Jagat says she would have rested at this point. Hanumant says fine. Jagat wishes Kesari returns soon. Kesari and her companions pursue Zoravar and miss him. Kesari says he would have gone to police headquarters, we ought to go there and see

the cop with torn uniform. Kesari goes in to check. Her companions check outside.

She sees Kala Singh and others. She goes out and says regardless of whether the climate is terrible, we need to discover the foe. Bijli looks on. Kesari requests that her companions return home before the tempest arrives. Bijli comes there. Kesari says I will lift it. Bijli says its fine, I overlooked the rice pack at the shop while taking the change, what will I reveal to Madhavi now. Kesari says you go, I will get it. Kesari goes to the shop and requests the rice pack. He man requests that her check it herself. Kesari proceeds to see the garbage things. A case tumbles down. She gets a firearm and her pics. She gets stunned and figures in what capacity can the pics be here. She takes the case with her. She asks whose container is this. The man says how might I know, this container is pixie, that cop Kala Singh gave this case to me. She says I m taking this case. He requests that her go.

Hanumant and Bhairav watch the updates on tempest continuing towards Dhanwa. Madhavi stresses. Hanumant says there can be a touch of stormy climate here. Madhavi asks Jagat and Kesari to come. Hanumant and Bhairav chuckle and state its a little thing, don’t stress. Madhavi supplicates.

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Jagat and Kesari come there. Hanumant says Bhairav and I went to police headquarters, the ruffian will be gotten. Bhairav says let us know whether you recall that anything. Kesari demonstrates the firearm and pics to them. They get stunned.

Hanumant takes the weapon from her hand and checks. Bijli stresses. Kesari says somebody attempted to murder me with this firearm, my face is crossed out in this pics. They get stunned. Kesari says Jagat had got shot by that projectile rather me. Madhavi asks where did you get this weapon, let me know. They ask Kesari to state. Hanumant says you know its a risky thing. Kesari says I went to that godown. Hanumant says Jagat you said she is resting, for what reason is she so imprudent, how could you let her go alone, for what reason didn’t you let me know. Bhairav asks how could you get this firearm. Kesari tells everything. Bijli goes to call Zoravar and stresses. She says Kala Singh will put the fault on Zoravar, he will get captured. Kesari says I think Kala Singh is behind this. Hanumant says Bhairav, perhaps Kala Singh is behind this, we need to meet him. Bhairav says truly, we need to ask him for what valid reason he did this. They leave. Madhavi stresses.

Bijli meets Zoravar. She says I have gathered my sacks, we will go out, Kala will take your name, you will be gotten. Hanumant and Bhairav get some information about Kala. Zoravar says don’t stress, I got everything in my control. Hanumant and Bhairav come to Kala Singh’s home. Bhairav says possibly he has fled. Hanumant says we need to break the house and get the hints. They go into the house and discover Kala Singh lying on the ground. Bhairav checks Kala. Hanumant sees the toxic substance bottle in Kala’s grasp. Bhairav says he is dead.

Precap:Zoravar sees the tempest news. He supposes Kesari is the foundation of the considerable number of issues. He takes Kesari to the dhaba and leaves her there. Kesari and her companions get captured in the tempest.


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